Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Practice Gratitude Daily

I feel like when i'm stepping up in my adulthood, I want different things in life and I also think differently. I want to be able to move out from my parents' home fast. I want to be able to travel to countries I love or never been before. I want to be able to pay my phone bills and other little necessities I need daily. It's all about money now. Every day I have to think about... how much I'm going to spend, for what reasons and why do i want to spend on that particular thing. 

Isn't it funny ? When we were young, we don't worry much about money. All you focused on were school, grades and friends. After I received my bachelor degree, I sorta drifted apart from my friends. Some have gone abroad to study more and some are busy at their first jobs. So it's difficult to find times for each other now. In a good way, I get to focus more on myself. Learn how to take care of myself without relying too much on others. I try to give my best performance to my boss every day. 

I guess what i'm trying to do on this post is to write my THANK YOU/GRATITUDE notes. As you have noticed, last week was Thanksgiving festive in the USA and I follow a lot of Youtube celebrities on Instagram and on Youtube. So last week was all about Thansgiving. One of them posted on their instagram a very cute pink note book in which she plans to practice gratitude daily. It's actually a good way to see your life in a different perspective. I will definitely buy a book for next year !

REMEMBER the book 100 ways of happiness book I bought last month? It also told the readers to practice gratitude. I will write more about it in the future. 

Gratitude #1:

This week started off pretty good. I get to meet my neighbor as well as my first friend I made when I moved in Bangkok many years ago. She is also a good friend of my boss too. We had a nice lunch together at a small Japanese stall. All I could see is laugh and happy faces the entire lunch break. Something I would never forget. She is actually the person who helped me find this job. And I'm very grateful for her gesture. THANK YOU! <3

Doesn't it look yummy? I ordered some Dragon Roll, my favorite dish :) And the chef was very sweet to give us some free Tuna! THANK YOU CHEF!

Gratitude #2:

On that same day, we had special visitors from Japan. They were so cute to give us presents from Japan! Any one have ever heard of TWNROOM before? Apparently it just recently opened in Shibuya 109. The dress and the skirt are so cute! I look forward to see more of their clothes when I visit Japan again! :D I had a nice time with the two Japanese girls! They were so cute! ^^ I'm grateful to get to know them as well as I can improve my Japanese! THANK YOU! 

Gratitude #3: 

As I always say about my boss, she is very nice and relaxed person. But I have also seen her very angry and it can be scary hahaha But last week, she surprised me by giving me this pink bracelet with a head skull as an early christmas present. And also got a handbag designed by her! It was very cute and sweet of her!! THANK YOU!!! 

Gratitude #4:

This might sound weird for some of you but I'm grateful for being healthy and happy. Since I started working with my boss, I feel happy and enjoy life in my own way. I don't go party nor drink like crazy. I'm more of a home person. I like to watch series, browse through magazine or listen to music. My neighbor also noticed that I look happy. And that is definitely a good sign! But here is the funny part, even though I'm grateful for being healthy and happy, the picture below was taken when I was sick last week. BUT! I look healthy and happy :) 

Finally, I would like to share the picture below to hope to inspire some of you: 

Have a beautiful day everyone :)


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Liese's new color : Antique Rose!

New Liese Hair Foam Colors were displayed at TOPS Supermarket the other day. I checked out the new colors a few times before I decided to try one. 
It was also the right time for me to change my hair color. For the past year, I tried to achieve a light golden hair without bleaching. But it was a totally failed... My hair looked unhealthy, dried and damaged.

I always love Liese Foam hair color products. It's so easy to do it yourself and the color range is quite varied. The price is reasonable too. So there is no doubt that I would go back to it :) 

Antique Rose (color name) drew my eyes right away. It's a dark purple/pink-ish tone. Just like the color name describes it. 

This time, my mom wanted to help me out dying my hair. We bought two boxes of Antique Rose because I thought that my hair is quite thick and long. But in the end, we only used one box. 

Below was taken at two different time. As you can see, the color darkens as time ticks. You are supposed to leave the product for no more than 25-30 min but I left it for 40 min because I want the color to be a bit lighter and long lasting..but that's a BAD advice XD 

Tip: leave the foam to cover up the entire head so that the color can last longer! and...don't leave it no more than 25-30 min! XD 

Below is before and after coloration. The before one (left): golden/orange color whereas on the after one (right): red/purple color.

Below was taken 3 weeks after my coloration. It becomes darker...darker red color. 

So what do you think? Kiss or Dis ? Let me hear your thoughts! 
Have you tried Liese new hair color range? :) 


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Silce-of-life: New Life as a Salaryman! XD

It's almost been a month that I'm working with this Thai local handbag designer. I will write more in details about her brand and her bags in the future. 

Let me just briefly describe you the working environment where I work, what I've been up to and how I enjoy doing everyday in this office. 

In this small office located in the heart of Bangkok's busiest area, there are 3 young people working for the brand called Isawan. It's a local Thai handbag brand founded by my boss. 

I can still remember my job entry interview with her back in September. I reached Siam Paragon, where my boss and I planned our job interview. Inside me, I didn't really feel nervous nor excited. I felt calm and wore the biggest smile on my face.... But my outfit.....showed the nervousness XD My outfit was this very proper, conservative look...showed no fashion taste...XD dark blue denim jeans, white peplum top and a matching color jacket....
It was an interesting and fun session with her. She is a very friendly, open-minded, sociable, honest person. Her personality does not match what you would imagine of typical corporate's boss. 

The first weeks working at IsawanMuse's office, there were many things to do. Since we don't have an internal system yet, we had to figure out what works best for each task to maintain them for the long run. I had to take care of customers' inquiries, order procedures and keep track of customer information database. Customers' inquiries consumed me the most at that time. There were days that I had bad headache, as you can see on the picture below. My eyes could have just come out of my head any time on those days! 

Things got more settled down at the beginning of November. I got used to the way I handled customers' inquiries and order procedures. But when it comes to customer information database, I've been running from it since the beginning....until recently! I hated the layout I created for the database on Excel earlier. All info looked messy and 'dirty' that I didn't want to bother with it.... ever! But it had to get it done nicely someday. 
I got myself together and..... I'm proud of myself of the result! :D

Since November, I get more free time from the inquiries department since we have decided to pause receiving new orders from customers. It's almost December, so we are preparing new prints for our customers to get excited! My boss and my other colleague are always out on fun field trips to gather new leathers and printing development for next month. 
I'm also responsible for the marketing department. So one day during my lunch break, I spent an hour at Kinokuniya to look for word inspirations for our upcoming prints! 

As I have described my boss' personality earlier, we also take time to rest and enjoy some good snack break together! Working in this office, I feel stress-free and happy. I enjoy serving our customers and make sure that they are satisfied with our products and services. But I also look after myself's happiness and health. I start work at 10am but out of 5 working days, there are 2-3 mornings that I would wake up at 6.30am to workout for at least one hour. 

Like my boss and I said, 'During break time, we laugh hard. When we work, we take our job seriously." I think this is very vital in a corporate's working environment. 

Laugh hard every day will keep the doctor away!...not just one egg... LOL  

When it comes to dressing code at IsawanMuse, anything is fine. In ten years time, when I look back at my OOTD, I would probably laugh hard at myself XD I mostly wear long pants to work because it's freezing cold! By allowing your employees to wear anything they want at work, their moods tend to stay positive. Happy working for you, boss! 

Finally, I wanna share my current nail polish for Fall 2012! I just received my Essie and Deborah Lippmann and I'm in love with the colors! Must have for Fall 2012! 

That's it for this post! I hope it makes sense! I hope to come back here again with more fun stuff! 

Take care for now! 


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Favorites of October TwentyTwelve + Fashion Haul!

Finally I'm back with my Favorites of October TwentyTwelve!!!! 
I'm aware that I haven't done one for a while because, like some Beauty gurus would say, I haven't try out new things in that particular month. 
Now it's been what... 6 months that I haven't tried new products until now haha :P

So here are my favorites of the month! Enjoy!

  1. TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray: TRESemme is finally sold in Thailand! I've heard tons of goodies from this product for many many many years but it was never possible to get it in Thailand until just recently! I've been using this product every single time I wash my hair! I've been using other brands' heat protector spray but they are all very dissatisfying!! Such waste of money T^T This product is going to be one of my Holy Grail must have items!!! The price (which is about 389baht) will be my best friend someday! XD Just briefly wanna give a tip if you use this product: I like to spray this heat protector right after I wash my hair. Comb my hair with my finger then wrap them into a towel to keep the warm temperature. That way I can prep my face before blowing my hair dry.  
  2. Urban Decay Naked 2: Duh, I know that I'm quite late with this product. But there is really a good reason why I never thought of buying it. I really thought that I was allergic to their eyeshadows!!! My eyes are super duper sensitive and so I usually get something swollen on my eyes. But after I used Naked 2 a couples time, nothing happened :D 
  3. VS Sassoon Ceramic 32mm Instant Heat Iron: I've been using this curling iron almost everyday since I've started working. I love the combination of my curling iron and my heat protector :) 
  4. Benefit Porefessional: this is actually my second tube. I had the old packaging. This product does wonder! I only apply this on my T-Zone (nose, forehead) and cheeks. 
  5. Koji Eye Tuck Tape: I love this tape because you can't see the tape. BUT it's soooooo hard to apply! Impossible for me to use this everyday >.< I can't get my eyelids right everyday. 
  6. Daiso Double Eyelid Tape: I use this tape everyday and every night :D I use the blue one because it has this black eyeliner mark on the tape. What I like to do is cut that black mark before I apply because I feel that the tapes are too large :/ This tape is very very affordable too! 60 baht only!! 
Alright, that's it for my favorites! But I'm not ending this post without a little Fashion Haul! :D 
These are what I just bought yesterday, really happy with my new goodies!!! 

So after a few visits at H&M, I finally decided to buy something XD 
  1. Basic Black T-Shirt: I had to go back to change the size today >.<
  2. Creamy Sweater 
  3. Basic Grey skirt: I never thought of buying these basic before because I never knew how to layer clothes before! XD
  4. 10 pieces of hair tie only for 99baht!!!! SO CHEAP!!! And I love them! I can definitely make ponytails now! XD I hate those boxes placed right around the queue...all items are so tempting!! They just wanna rip our wallets so bad!! 
My friend and I also paid a visit to the newest Uniqlo at Siam Paragon branch :) Luckily they got special price for some items! I bought 2 basic lacey tank tops only for 190 baht EACH!!! The normal price is 390baht. I picked size Medium because Uniqlo sizes are really unpredictable.

Finally wanted to share my all-time favorite Prada bag :) Thank you mommy for this reward for my first job! <3<3<3 

Okay, let's end this post with my most inspiring quote I found this week. This week, I've been reflecting a lot about myself, my life for all the things I got recently. 

Before I started working at my first job, I was helping out my parents a lot. Like driving them to hospitals or deal with private stuff with my mom. So I didn't get a lot of chances to enjoy my life before I go to work. I didn't have time to meet my friends nor shopping. 
For the past week, I finally....realized how grateful and blessed I am. I never actually thought about this deeply before. I wish I realized this earlier but since I'm still young...... It's not too late. After working at my first job for 10 days now, I don't really get to spend a lot of time with my parents in a day. Since I'm still living with them and our maid quit, I feel that I still need to do something at home in return. Show my gratitude and appreciation. 
My mom have been teaching me housework duties since I was a child but I realize how selfish and stubborn I was. But i understand that my attitude and behavior are understandable. They can't be undone. So now that I understand my actions, I've been trying to find the right ways, the right path to correct myself to become a better person. And those people who I feel are bad influenced or bad doings to me, I have to get rid of them. That's all I can say for now. 

Sorry if the last part is boring but since it's my blog, I think I can share things like that from time to time :) But I also hope that it can help to some of you who are in a similar situation. 

Okay see you guys next post! :D 


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Slice-of-my life: First job OOTD & redefining happiness

So since I graduated, holding a Bachelor degree in Communication Management, I luckily got a job at a small company very shortly. It was introduced by one of my closest friend from high school. She's also my neighbor since then. Hopefully, once I get my own income, I will be able to treat her and show how much I appreciate for her help!

Below, you can see my OOTD I wore to work. Only 2 OOTDs because I started in the middle of the week. I had to wear double layers of jackets because the air con is quite cool by the end of the day. 

OOTD #1 (left)
  • Blue tank top from Topshop
  • Green tank top from CPS (CHAPS)
  • Grey jacket from CPS (CHAPS)
  • Black jacket I got from HK long time ago
  • Patterned leggings from Uniqlo I recently bought 
  • Black shoes with studs from GUESS 
  • Necklace from Forever XXI (I think) 
OOTD #2 (right)
  • Pink shirt from Jaspal 
  • Black jacket from CPS (CHAPS) > you can't see it here because it was a very tight jacket. I was scared to get cold at the office, but it didn't help at all. I was still cold = =" 
  • Brown cardigan from Pull & Bear
  • Black skirt from Siam night market 
Finally, I wanna share my today's OOTD. A nice sunny Sunday, great feeling, suitable outfit! :) 


  • Long floral dress from Platinum Fashion Mall
  • Denim sleeveless jacket from CPS (CHAPS) 
  • Straw hat...Don't remember whether I bought in Thailand or Singapore.
  • Rose gold watch from Michael Kors 
  • Two gold bracelets > one was bought from my mom and the other one was given by my grandma 
  • Rings, some were given by my uni friends. That heart ring on my ring finger, I have no idea how or where I got it. I found it t my old house XD
I wanna share my office desk arrangement too! I think this was taken on my first day at work. I had to borrow my boss' computer and my colleague's iPad because I didn't know I had to bring my computer :X 
To be honest, I wasn't expecting to get any work on my first day at work! I never experienced that before at my other internships! XD So that's why you see that "100 ways to Happiness: A guide for busy people" by Dr. Timothy J. Sharp. on my desk. But I never had the chance to read it since then. Only before bed time, I can find 5-10 minutes to read 1-2 pages. 

Just now, I was reading one particular page: "6. Alter Bad Habits"
But the end quote is very inspiring > "Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises." by Demosthenes, 384-322 BC, Greek statesman
The reason why this quote caught my eyes is because I've been whining about how my other uni friends are lucky to get into those "big" companies. I would also imagine their lives looking much better than mine.
But after I read this quote, I realized that I'm also lucky to have a job right now. I don't have to worry about job hunting for a year after I graduate. I was lucky. So why should I keep complaining about it right?
Like my close friend I met yesterday told me that when firms look at your resume, they look at your work experiences. Whether you have interned or worked at various companies, it doesn't matter if it's big or small firms.
So why worry about my future? Someday, my life will be better, greater. Someday, I will be a better, greater person than I am today. That's all I should keep telling myself every day. Never give up! I was lucky and I'm very grateful where I am today.
Thank you! (you know who you are, both of you! I don't think I should say your names in public!)

Lastly, I just wanted to share this picture of my student ID at Waseda Language and Culture School. I never took Japanese language seriously. I've always taught myself Japanese since I was a teenager. I watch, listen, read Japanese by myself. I had a Japanese tutor before and she disappeared at some point.  But now, I'm attending this Japanese class at Waseda Language and Culture School for a 3-month period. It's definitely "serious" this time because we get tested every week and have final exam at the end of the course. There are surely things that I wouldn't never know myself! Like writing each letter in the proper way is hard! Never crossed my mind before XD 
By the end of the course, I will find out whether I can move on to the next level! Will sure do! 

So that's it for this post! Both a bit of Fashion and slice of my life XD 
I hope it wasn't too boring. I just felt like writing my thoughts on my blog. It may sounds nonsense or hard to read at some point but I hope it's understandable! sorry about it :p

See you on my next post!
Have a good sunny Sunday!


Saturday, October 13, 2012


Last month, I paid a visit to one of my closest uni friend at one of the biggest shopping centre in Bangkok near her home. 

Mega Bangna just recently opened like 1-2 years? 

Since it's very far from the city and my home, I feel its inconvenient for me to go check Mega Bangna. I have heard from my mom and some other friends that the shopping mall is far and at that time, not many shops were opened yet. So I decided to wait for the right time when, hopefully, all shops are opened. That way, I don't have to waste another trip to see all shops :) 

Also, I didn't know how to physically get to that mall since I don't know the way, if I decided to drive. I don't trust my Google Map on my iphone! So I decided to take the BTS then the shuttle bus service. The BTS trip was very quick but....when I took the shuttle bus from the train station to the mall, it took me at least 10-15 more minutes!!! That's how far it is!!! 

Anyway, the day actually went well! I had a lot of fun going around IKEA. It feels very nostalgia. It used to be one of my favorite place to go with my family back then in France. It's been over 10 years since I last went to a IKEA! 

Lunch time with my uni friend before going into IKEA :)

That kitchen and that living room will be my future home inspirations! 

Some random stuff I found cute or funny ^^"

It's so FUN playing at IKEA when you're still a little kid! *jealous*

More random cute stuff in Kid's section

Finally time to SHOP SHOP shop! I bought a scarf hanger! XD 

Visited a new imported shop from Australia, recommended by my uni friend :) 

Lol their stationaries are so funny XD 

Alright, this was a quick short post to share my little day at Mega Bangna and IKEA with my uni friend XD I would definitely go back to it IF the mall was near my home lol I guess going there once in a while can definitely be a good change of environment hehe :) 

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See you on my next post! 


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Fashion Picks 2012!

Before I jump to bed, I wanna share my latest OOTD as to inspire you for this Fall Fashion Trend 2012 :) 

So let's start off with my last OOTD for Summer 2012: 

  • White tank top from my sister's
  • Lace top from Bershka 
  • Caramel skirt bought by my sister
  • Nail polish from Skin Food 
Then as we step into the month of October, I see people on the Internet who started to switch their closets from Summer to Fall-toned clothing. And so I decided to dig into my small wardrobe and found some old clothes that suit best for this year's Fall trend :) 

Fall OOTD #1:

  • Black tank top from Topshop
  • Green military tank top from CPS (CHAPS)
  • Black top from CPS (CHAPS)
  • Grey jegging from Bershka 
  • Black shoes with studs from GUESS
Fall OOTD #2:
This time, I wanted to try wearing some brown-toned color for this Fall. It feels more girly and suits better for my own style and personality :) 
It seems that this year's Fall is shouting for LAYERING! :D 

  • Black tank top from Topshop
  • White tank top from Bershka 
  • My new Black pants with floral patterns from Zara (Big trend for Fall 2012: patterned leggings or pants!) 
  • Necklace from Forever XXI
  • Rose gold watch from Michael Kors
  • My very-first Prada Tote bag in CAMEO 
  • OPI Nail Polish in Dutch Tulips

Fall OOTD #3:
As you can see, I'm liking my brown-toned looks. I've been enjoying my new looks for this Fall! :D 

  • White top from Jaspal
  • Plaid-patterned pants from Uniqlo
  • Brown cardigan from Pull & Bear

Fall OOTD #4:

  • White tank top from Bershka
  • Grey cardigan from CPS (CHAPS)
  • Black pants with floral patterns from Zara
  • Animal-printed scarf from Zara
  • Black shoes with studs from Guess 
Fall OOTD #5:

  • Creamy shirt from CPS (CHAPS)
  • Pink pleated skirt bought from Shibuya 109, Japan
  • Brown cardigan from Pull & Bear
  • Rose gold watch from Michael Kors 

Fashion and Hair products Haul! 

I've been searching fashion and beauty items for this Fall trends :) 
Here what I've come up so far:

  1. White top from Uniqlo for 390BAHT ONLY!!! SALE period at Uniqlo now! :D 
  2. Brown cardigan from Pull & Bear for 790baht  > I got a size M because they ran out of size S. But I like the oversized feeling :) very very girly! hihihihiiii 
  3. Black pants with floral patterned from Zara for 2,990baht > It's super duper expensive because of the pattern T^T But I like it though! It's really for this Fall Fashion Trend 2012! And look at the detail of the button below!  

Another day of shopping, this time I went to Central Lardprao with my mom. We just wanted to explore the renovated Central Lardprao and also, a good change of environment and atmosphere from typical shopping centres in the heart of the city. 

So here are what I've got.....2 plaid patterned leggings from Uniqlo for 790baht each! It's definitely a must have for this Fall! CHEAP too! 

Oh! And I also added my TreSemmee Heat Protector Hair Spray that I bought earlier this month and I forgot to included in the first picture ^^" 

I have heard a lot of good feedbacks from beauty gurus online and since now TreSemmee is available in Thailand, I had to try it! My verdict? LOVE IT! So soft and smooth! :D 

Alright that's it for this OOTD and Fashion haul post! 

What do you think of my Fall Fashion picks and OOTD? 

I hope this will help you to start thinking about colors, patterns for this Fall Fashion Trend 2012! 
I will try my best to post more inspirations for you guys for this season! 

Look forward to it and see you until my next post! :D 

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Good night, 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

OOTD inspired by my Mom's closet

I felt extra creative today! 
Since no one was home this morning, I took the chance to peek into my mom's big ass wardrobe. She's got plenty of clothes that can't all be fitted in her room's closet so we have a separate clothing hanger in the guest room just for her clothes XD 
My mom is a very inspirational woman of her generation. I believe that she is 50 years old now and she definitely got some cool style! To be honest, her style and shopping experience is definitely better than me, meaning, whatever she picks are always the best choices! My mom goes crazy on shopping spree whenever she finds time or on sale period! 

She loves looking young, cute, cool but still beautiful! 

Alright, to show you guys that these items I have selected for my OOTD are NOT mine at all....I can't wear or I never choose any other size except XS and S. 
Somehow her clothes fit me nicely :) 

Note that the white inner dress and the brown belt are actually mine and the pink platform shoes is shared between mom and I. 

Here are some pictures of my OOTD :) 

I also curled my hair, very inspired by Elle, a makeup and beauty guru on Youtube!

Short story: I never knew how to properly use my curling iron until I watched her Get Ready With Me video yesterday. It totally tempted me so bad to curl my hair again! The result? It wasn't too bad! I'm happy with my curls but I thought to tie my hair up to look neat :) 

As for my eye makeup, these are the products I used: 

  • Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Lotion
  • Shu Uemura's Pink Shimmery Eyeshadow
  • M.A.C's Brown (Cork) Eyeshadow
  • Dolly Wink's Waterproof Volume Mascara in Black
  • M.A.C's White Shimmery Eyeshadow
  • For my eyebrows: M.A.C's Brown (Cork) Eyeshadow

Full List of Brands I wore today: 

  • Floral dress from Jaspal
  • Denim shirt from CPS (CHAPS) 
  • White inner dress at some cheap market 
  • Bag from Louis Vuitton
  • Shoes from Guess
  • Belt from Japan 
  • Bracelets from Accessorizes
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dolly Wink Packaging Design Update!

A little Dolly Wink update for those Dolly Wink fans OR Tsubasa Masuwaka fans! 

Oh now, I miss seeing her on magazines! I should better buy the newest Popteen magazine soon! :) 

If you have checked out my previous posts, Dolly Wink products are now available in Thailand! 
You are able to find LOADS of them at Tsuhara shop in Gateway Ekkamai! I loveeeeee that store!! It's HEAVEN to me!! XD 

If it's inconvenient for you, I also found some Dolly Wink products at Mary Jane shop (I hope I remembered correctly) in Siam Square. It's near Hard Rock Hotel. 

Anyway now I don't have to worry about looking around online and off-line anymore! I just realized how cheap they are compared to over-the-counter brands

Let me compare them right now if you think otherwise, let's do the math here: 

M.A.C or Shu Uemura eyelashes cost about 600-700baht for ONE PAIR! 

Dolly Wink or any other Japanese eyelashes brand cost about 400+baht for TWO PAIRS!!

If you don't believe me then go ask over-the-counter staffs and prove me wrong by posting a photo on my Facebook page or Twitter (@rosiedolly), thank you :)  

Another PROS about Japanese eyelashes is that the band that holds eyelashes is much stronger and light-weight when applying on your lashes. This means that band won't bother your eyes at all as it is very flexible. Also, the band is thin and clear!  

A few days ago, I checked out Dolly Wink official website and I noticed that Tsubasa Masuwaka (the producer of Dolly Wink) has newly designed her packaging again! 

Allow me to show you the original (first) packaging

Notice from the picture below that as she has expanded her eyelashes line, she has already design a new packaging and up until today, these packaging remain the same. But......!

........Below are the new design:
She switched the original packaging to the new one that was already produced last year. 

These are the upper lashes, and there are 3 new upper lashes style

Below is a picture of the newest packaging and one of the newest eyelashes: 

As for lower lashes, she hasn't created new ones but the packaging have also switched to the new design. 

Not only her eyelashes line's packaging have been changed but she continued to make all of her Dolly Wink products' packaging to have a consistent packaging design look. 
If you scroll back up to my own photo taken from last year, her old liquid eyeliner's and pencil eyeliner's packaging used to be pink-black tone and polka dots all over it. But now, she has changed the entire product's design to a more sweet, cute and clean look. 


  • Dolly Wink Upper Lashes #2, #10 and #11
  • Dolly Wink Lower Lashes #8 and #14
If you would ask me, which eyelashes I've been enjoying would be combination of upper lashes #9 and lower lashes #5. 

Tsubasa Masuwaka has also another successful cosmetics line called Candy Doll. Briefly, Candy Doll focuses more on the face area, i.e liquid foundation, powder foundation, blushes and lip glosses. 

Below is a quick snap shot of her Candy Doll products from her official website: 

 From what I can observe, Tsubasa Masuwaka is a very inspirational and admiral Japanese young model and entrepreneur in the Fashion and Beauty industry. She has proven her abilities and potential in what she loves and she is able to give what all girls and ladies of all age group want to look pretty everyday. She works hard on looking for the right eyelashes style and other eye makeup products to make all girls and ladies look beautiful every day at any occasions. At the same time, her packaging design look continues to improve and attract the consumers. I really look forward to see better and attractive design look from Dolly Wink in the future! 

Over the past few years, Dolly Wink has shown a dramatic growth and popularity among the targeted audience in Japan. And just shortly, Dolly Wink has attracted more audience from around the world, especially in Asian countries. 

Dolly Wink and Candy Doll are just two Beauty brand that she has personally produced and both are very successful in Japan. Tsubasa Masuwaka has also her own Fashion brands from clothing to stockings. 

I believe that this is going to be the end of this post! Please go check out her official websites for more information and don't forget to go LIKE her Facebook pages too! 

Dolly Wink official website:
Candy Dolly official website:

Come back visit me here with more blog post! 

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