Saturday, November 12, 2011


Hi everyone!

Hope most of my readers here are safe from the floods! We are almost near the end road of the crisis :)

Don't worry everyone, I never forget about you all, I keep taking pictures here and there when I can. Just no time to blog >.< 

I divided one OOTD into makeup, hair and fashion for you guys. I thought that day was the most interesting one :)


What I love about that eye makeup is my lower lashes. I created 3 lower lash lines on the outer of each of my eyes using a light brown eye shadow. The one I used is M.A.C Cork.

Tip #1: use a liquid eyeliner (black or brown) to draw 3 thin and short lines on the outer of each eye. This will be used as a guideline. In my opinion, when using liquid eyeliner, you can remove the line easily but one down side is that you got to be fast before it dries! Once you're satisfied, you can then use the light brown eye shadow to draw stronger and longer lines. 
Tip # 2: I strongly recommend to use light brown eye shadow so it doesn't look too harsh. 
Tip #3 (OPTIONAL): If the lashes you've created feel weird or too strong, use either a lighter brown or the same one, apply lightly over those 3 lines. This will help softer the look. But don't over do it! 


I was just trying to be fun and creative...I guess it turned out something I never thought of XD What's so special about it? In this picture I created 2 braids in one style but after I took that picture, I decided to have 3 braids XD 
Let me tell you how to create this style...It's super easy! Just need a few practices :p 

Braid #1: Create a French braid from the back (picture: far right). Start from the crown of your head. You can either make it tight or loose. I actually didn't know my hair was this loose. If you go for loose, it's best for CASUAL look whereas tighter braids would look too formal. Once you reached shoulder level, tie the braid with a hair tie. 

Braid #2: Bring your hair on one side. Start a new 'normal' braid from the inside. Make sure you grab the section left from that first braid you've just created so it doesn't look weird from the back. Braid till the end like that photo above (3rd pic from the right). 

You can stop from here if you want to... so it looks messy and casual and still nice. :) 

(OPTIONAL) Braid #3: Grab the nearest section of hair near that second braid you just created. Create another normal braid to the end. Make sure you leave a small section of hair. 

And voila! You got 3 braids for a casual look! :) 

I hope this is fun for you all too XD good luck! 


Sometimes a see-through blouse could be boring when buttoned up. Most people tend to wear a buttoned up blouse and have a plain tank top underneath that blouse so their bra doesn't show up. But why not use that simple blouse as an outer jacket instead? 

This look was inspired by PopSister model, Wei Son :) A simple blouse could be used as a fun outer jacket. And a simple plain tank top is great for this look too. Denim short always complete any kind of casual look. Finally have a pair of nice sandals like gladiator ones to go with  :) 

So that's it for that particular OOTD! :D Fun fun fun ! Try them out if you like them! And share it with me! 


Another hair style I've been having and been my daily look. And trust me, this is the easiest way to create nice curls without any hot irons! It just requires some practice! XD 

Here's how! 

WHAT YOU NEED: a clothed-type hair tie and (optional) another hair tie, just for extra secure while you sleep :)

HOW TO > Every night before bed time, I like to do a French braid. If you wash your hair in the evening, make sure to blow dry your hair until it's almost dry then braid. Your hair doesn't need to be completely dry. Also, make sure to use the cold function from your hairdryer so that it doesn't damage the hair.

Next day, whenever you get ready or about to leave home, remove the hair tie, unlock the braid and then you get nice and volume hair! :D You can use a light wax type to keep your hair curled all day but it's not really necessary though. But if you intended to use one,  mix the wax with water so it doesn't stick too much. You want just nice natural curls. 

Tip: don't forget to use a thermal protection spray for your hair before blow drying! This product from Dove has definitely saved my hair from being damaged and dry!  

*INSPIRATIONS: More OOTD below for inspirations for you gals :D 

As you can see, this blue blazer is my favorite! :D 

Lastly, I would like to end this entry with Elle Fashion Week 2011, the event held back in September. My high school friend invited me go with her. And it was for FREE!! :D Sadly, we couldn't pick the shows we wanted BUT still I loved it!

To be honest, this was my very first fashion show at such a big event! I was breath taking! It sucked when it was raining but that didn't stop me from wearing that pretty and sexy Topshop lacy dress! :D I had eyes on me all night XD

The fashion show I watched was by this Thai designer and stylist I think. His name is Sanshai like you can see from my photos I took. And I THINK I met him in person during my summer internship!!! I'm pretty sure it was HIM!!! Waaaaaa I've got to say, watching a REAL fashion show is just amazing....even though the show only lasted for 25min tops! XD

Sadly, it was hard to take photos with an iphone but apparently that also applies to any cameras... All models looked like ghosts on my camera! So i gave up.... only that picture below with all the iphone managed to capture those pretty neon dresses XD

I've got more to update coming! I will try my best! Don't forget to stop by again for more inspiration! :D

Until next time, take care, be safe!


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