Monday, October 24, 2011

☆September/October Favorites☆

Good evening world!

I'm sorry that my September Favorites has been delayed... I had midterms towards the end of the month that I didn't have time to think about my favorite products...... and that skin bad condition too >.<

But finally I came up with my best 8 products of September and October! This way I don't have to post two entries :)

  1. Essential Damage-Care Rich Premier in Shea Butter: this is essential great for those who have frizzy, damaged/colored and dry hair. This product received many great reviews from online bloggers. Shea butter has healing properties which provides moisture to dry/damaged hair from the roots to the end parts. I use this conditioner 2-3 times a week switching around with other conditioner I have like L'Oreal's. It's great using this conditioner as a hair treatment. I would essentially concentrate on my ends, tied it with a hair clip and cover my hair with a shower cap. Then rinse it off right before I get out of shower (that's approx. 10-12min resting in the shower cap).
  2. Shu Uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium A/O Advanced Formula: I love Shu Uemura's cleansing oil. I've been using their makeup remover for years now. Although the price is quite high, it's worth every drop XD The line has six different type of cleansing depending on your skin problems/types. I've used the pink one under the name: Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil and this green one. I love both. They are both gentle as the oil is very thick enough to rub and remove my makeup thoroughly. 
  3. Camellia Oil: as from my previous post, I used this floral oil for one week to let my face rests shortly. So I wouldn't say much here as you can refer the details and information from my previous post here: Please note that this product was purchased at a local Shanghai supermarket. It's COOKING purpose. I used it on my face for a week and nothing else happened but just healed my red rashes :)
  4. Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser: again, I've just recently mentioned this product from my previous post too: Please note: this product is also based with Shea Butter which is great for skin problem like mine :) 
  5. Melliesh lipglosses in #1 and #3: if you haven't check out my review of these lipglosses which I also compared with similar colors from M.A.C, here's the link: The texture from Melliesh is a bit different from Western brands. Japanese lipglosses are almost like concealer-like. They stick and conceal your lip color very well. 
  6. Vaseline lip balm: this product was my lifesaver when my lips were soooo dried. So I really had to add this product on my list! :) 
  7. LeSasha Hair Capsule in Olive Oil: I can't remember the right term for this kind of hair treatment.Could somebody tell me? :D But this is great and a lifesaver for my damaged and dry and colored hair XD I used 1 or 2 capsules a week. Now my hair are much much better. Soft, shiny hair :D 

 It's the end of my favorites of the September and October! But I would like to share my today's OOTD!

Again this was inspired by a similar outfit from PopSister magazine, November issue :)
Definitely kept me very warm while walking in malls XD but too hot for outdoor hahah

Lastly I want to share my BEST SNACKS EVER FROM FRANCE (my lovely home). Yes I love snacks from back home because I believe that French snacks provide good nutrition to our body compared to Asian snacks...I don't think any snacks here make my body feels better but just fat and unhealthy :p sorry if any of you feel offended XD Yes I know some of you know me a lot and would say > Healthy freak !!!! XD Sorry haha I cannot wait to go back home permanently and enjoy these good snacks forever and get fat somehow :p

Thank you to my bro for helping me buy those wonderful and diverse French snacks for me! I miss them all! <3

Please stay safe everyone in Thailand! We'll get through this stupid flood XD

Much love,

Friday, October 21, 2011

New Skincare Regime


For the past weeks, I've been fighting with my face to find a proper treatment and cure to heal my skin from all that red rashes and pimples >.< And I hope that I have finally found the proper skincare routine, thanks to my mom :) I did not include any photos of me "before" and "after" because I don't think any of you can deal with horrible photos >.< 

So please enjoy this post and good luck! 

This is my old regime, the skincare I used all summer. Let me list down each product for you guys:

  1. The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner: To be honest I wanted to use the M.A.C Light toner but because I was so........ broke (at that time) so I decided to use something much cheaper and hoping that The Body Shop toner would do fine on my skin. Result? This toner didn't make a difference on my face. It felt like I was just putting plain water on my face instead of prepping my skin for moisturizer =.= Therefore I REGRET buying this cheap product! T^T Ok I have to also add this, although I don't think it's the main reason but, I think this toner actually made my skin EVEN MORE SENSITIVE! />o<\
  2. La Mer The Radiant Infusion: this product is supposed to help minimize my pores and improve clarity of my skin. Honestly, yes it was doing a great job at the beginning when I was using the entire line of La Mer for a short term. As I ran out of other products from the same line, this "serum" was left alone, I couldn't just throw it away - waste of money DUH! - so I kept it in my skincare regime with other (new) products. I just kept on applying this product that did nothing to my face but make it worse.... read on to see why.... 
  3. Kielh's Ultra Facial Micro Serum: the ONLY reason I bought this product is because the Kielh's Herbal Moisturizer was difficult to apply. Therefore, the lady advised me to complement my moisturizer with this "pricey" serum. 
  4. Kielh's Herbal Moisturizer: i picked this moisturizer because a) it's a gel type, ideal for sensitive and acne prone skin type, b) i wanted to try out a new brand and due to historical background from Kielh's, I thought its products wouldn't be too harmful on my face, c) too conscious to the fact that my face was in bad condition so I really needed a new moisturizer to heal my poor face. Results for #3 and #4: as I used Kielh's products during the summer, I didn't realized that my face was actually very sensitive and allergic to Kielh's products. Every morning, I checked my face to see if there is any improvements when using these new products. But I actually never thought that my face was having a very bad reaction with Kielh's products. I knew only when my mother pointed it out. I have to say, though, every time I applied Kielh's products, compared to La Mer's products, I really felt like my face never felt as smooth as before. The more I applied them, the more I felt red rashes and more acne all over my face but I just kept on applying everyday! Could you believe that? What was the problem? Kielh's products were just too strong and harsh on my skin. >.< I just found this link online and wanted to share with you guys. Just some points I strongly agree with the writer: 
  5. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Moisturizer: I used this product at the beginning of the year. It was fine for a short term (approx. 6 months) but as I used new products in my skincare regime, things went worse.
  6. M.A.C Prep + Prime Skin Base: ok this is not a skincare product but this is a product that I cannot use on my skin regularly. Since my skin is very sensitive to any thing I put on, I have to keep harmful products away from my poor skin T^T 
Ok the reason I listed down my old regime is because I would like to warn for those who have VERY SENSITIVE SKIN +/ OR ACNE-PRONE:

  1. Please DO NOT try new products here and there, your skin isn't the same as those makeup gurus that we follow on Youtube. Trust me, it's not fun when your skin is having a hard time to process all those products. 
  2. Note down BRANDS +/OR PRODUCTS that you have had problems with in the past. This will help you to stay away from those brands +/ or products in the future. For example, I have been noticing that American-based brands (Kielh's, M.A.C and Bobbi Brown) are just too harsh for my skin and so I cannot use them in the future. But I noticed that Japanese-based brands seem to work better on my skin like Shu Uemura. (And I always thought Shu Uemura was bad for my skin.... = =) And now I'm using France-based products and it seems to work so far. 
  3. Please DO NOT buy DRUGSTORE products like Neutrogena or Biore. Although it says "mild" on the bottle, I wouldn't recommend you guys unless you have tried in the past. But I have warned you if otherwise! :p
  4. Look for high-end skincare brands that offer "GENTLE" or "MILD" products. This is what you're looking for. Usually it says "for dry or sensitive skin".
  5. When applying products on skin (cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc), please warm the products on your hand first then GENTLY apply on your face starting from your nose to your ears. PAD.... PAD.....gently if you have to. 
  6. Try to have the least number of products in skincare regime as possible because your skin cannot take all the products like other people. 
  7. DO NOT mix up different brands in your skincare regime. Things work best on my skin when it's from the SAME BRAND. Otherwise, why would they produce a whole line for? .... = =""" So USE ONE BRAND ONLY FOR ONE PURPOSE! 
  9. Look for products that are NON-COMEDOGENIC & HYPOALLERGENIC!

Above I'm showing you the cleanser I used before and after.

  • BEFORE: cleanser: Special Cleansing Gel by Dermalogica; masque: Skin Hydrating Masque by Dermalogica
  • NOW: Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser
MY NEW SKINCARE REGIME: Clarins Skincare Line

This has been my new skincare routine for the past week. Only the eye cream is from Sisley, which I'm in LOVE with it because this product really ABSORBS well on my skin. Just wonderful! XD 
Anyway, the Clarins lady suggested me to use the least number of products every day by using the most essential ones, cleanser+toner+moisturizer+sunscreen. She only added this Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate (middle left, orange cap) to concentrate on aging lines on my forehand and large pores on my cheeks. I also purchase their colorless powder so I'm sure it sets and protects my skin from makeup products. I'm currently not using masque products until my face is nicely healed. 

Lastly, I would like to end this hopeful entry with two last products I used in between my old regime and my new Clarins skincare routine: 

While I was using my old skincare, I was keenly looking for a cure to heal my post-acne scars. Additionally, because I mixed up too many products of different brands that my face became too sensitive and I had red rashes all over my face, so I needed to let my face breathe for a week. Therefore I used this amazing Camellia Oil for a week. Please note that this Camellia oil cannot be found in Thailand! This was bought from my parents in Shanghai. Note again that this is actually for COOKING purpose but it IS OK to use on your face too since my parents didn't know it was for my face = ="" You can search online to purchase a small bottle to try out. It's usually sold on Ebay at cheaper prices.

I came across online this amazing post from this forum (unfortunately the link is on my macbook and it's still in repair centre so I can't share here >.<) But this is another link which this writer points out well the benefits of using Camellia Oil on your skin. 

Camellia Oil is made from a flower that is planted on this amazing tiny island called Goto, of Nagasaki Prefecture and the Izu Islands of Tokyo Prefecture.

Apparently, according to that lost fond forum, the writer said Japanese people used this oil on babies to protect them from sun and any other harmful things that can get attached on their skin. Also, it helps to prevent any acne as they grow older. Amazing right? 

So here from that website the benefits of using camellia oil:
  • Effective moisturizing
  • Penetrates skin fast
  • Forms protective barrier to seal in moisture
  • Restores moisture balance in dry skin
  • Soothes skin irritations
  • Forms protective barrier against sun damage
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Softens fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promotes wound healing
Also, it tells you several ways to use the oil on the skin:
  • Moisturizer - Camellia oil can spot treat dry areas of skin and is also light enough as a daily facial or body moisturizer. Apply oil to damp skin for optimal moisture.
  • Sunscreen - For centuries people uses camellia oil as a protective barrier over the skin to prevent sun damage.
  • Anti-aging product - The antioxidant value of the oil helps the oil regenerate skin cells and encourages a more youthful appearance with regular use.
  • Scar fading treatment - The oil is helpful in fading old scars when applied over a long period of time.
  • Wound care - The oil helps speed up wound healing and discourages the formation of scars.
  • Acne treatment - Light spot treatments of camellia oil can help heal acne pimples and encourage healthy, clear skin.

Read more at Suite101: Camellia Oil for Skin Care: Japanese Beauty Secret |

Also, from the photo above, I added the Vaseline because I had a rough time with my dry and chapped lips. Sadly, Nivea lip balm isn't going to be my best friend :( 

Alrighty, this is finally the end of my post! I hope this wasn't too long for you guys XD But hopefully it will be helpful and please consider what I said above :) 

Feel free to ask me or leave a comment! I will try my best to help you :) 

Good luck!

Take good care of your skin before winter comes!

Much love,

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some More OOTD :)

Hello everyone!

I hope my fellow readers and friends are safe from the floods around Bangkok. Please be safe wherever you are! :)

I'm so sad to hear the news from my uni today, one of my professor announced that my uni has decided to close the campus starting tomorrow till next wed and maybe the entire week :( wonder why i'm sad? I hate make-up classes especially after 4pm that go on till 7-8pm... >.< since this is my last year of my bachelor degree, I just want to finish uni as soon as possible. 

Anyway i'm gonna stopping rambling and start this entry with some more best OOTD: 

First off, I'm going to show how to play around with belts and blazers. 

#1: Black blazer with floral t-shirt in black stripes and short denim

This was a casual outfit to attend a class this week. Because I was afraid of the rain any time of the day and it gets very hot and dry when it doesn't rain so I kept my legs away from jeans and leggings. 

I experimented two different size of belts to emphasize my waist and to look more stylish. 

As you can see on the photo above, large belt is just too big and the outfit looks busy. But if I used a slim belt, it gently emphasizes the waist only and nice enough to complete this look. Also, keep the color of the belt low, meaning don't pick a neon color or it would just look too odd.

But there is a possibility to wear a large belt with a similar outfit. Read on..... :)

#2: Blue blazer with floral t-shirt in stripes and denim shorts

At first glance, I really thought I wore the same t-shirt two days! XD But I just remembered that I took another shot with this amazing blazer. 

This is another way for you to wear a larger belt underneath a blazer or a cardigan. Unlike the first OOTD, this blazer is thicker and so you can't use a slim belt, in this case. 

So these are the TWO WAYS for you to play around with belts and blazers/cardigans. 

#3: maxi dress + white t-shirt and check blazer

This OOTD was most praised by my friends so I had to share here too :) Because I found that my grey maxi dress is just too simple and plain, I wore a white t-shirt over it to give an illusion that i'm just wearing a long skirt. I added my usual slim belt to help show my waist. And then this check blazer is helpful during classes as it can be very cold in the room. 

#4: One piece in dark blue and red/white stripes

Again, I still don't want to wear jeans nor leggings yet, so I try to keep myself with comfy and short outfit all week. Floods and the hot weather are just stuck in my mind that trousers are out of my list these days. I kept this look simple and comfy during the day but since I went out tonight, I wore a black blazer and wedges to look a bit more sophisticated. 

This is the end of today's post! Don't worry I have already prepared the next post and so I will post it tomorrow! 

Stay safe and talk to you soon! :)

Take care, much love,


Monday, October 17, 2011

M.A.C's vs Melliesh's lip glosses REVIEW

I'm going to review some lip glosses  I've been using these days. I paired them in terms of use to give dimension into my lips without the use of any lipsticks. This is inspired by most Japanese models for dolly looks. These two pairs have similar shade of colors to give you an idea of how you can achieve almost the same look with different brands. Note: Melliesh lip glosses cannot be found in Thailand. But if you're interested in Melliesh you can find them online, here some links:

For in-stores, I bought mine from Sasa stores (HK), these can be found at any Sasa stores. Sadly, Sasa website doesn't sell them online :(

Below, the first pair is M.A.C Cremsheen Glass in Fashion Whim (Limited Edition, SOLD OUT) and Majolica Majorca Honey Plum in PK384.

What I love about these lip glosses:
  • Love the scent on both lip glosses
  • Very easy to apply
  • Closest shades for nude look
  • Dolly-like
  • Doesn't dries your lips 
  • Affordable 
NOTE: for those who want to get M.A.C Cremesheen Glass in Fashion Whim, there is a very close shade that you can get as regular edition, the reference code is C-THRU. Feel free to ask at any M.A.C counters for more infos ;)

 Next pair is both from Melliesh. The reference code for each lip gloss is as followed: nude shade is #1 and the pink shade is #3. You can check out for a closer look from the official website:

 The difference of brushes as shown above is interesting. As we know, brands like M.A.C or any western brands I know of have this thin and user friendly brush to apply. On the other hand, Melliesh's brush is rounder and thicker. When applied, you get this soft feeling of the brush on your lip but on down side of it is that I feel it takes a little longer to apply the lip gloss compared to M.A.C's :/

What I love:

  • the nude shade is concealer-like > this is mostly what Asian girls love to have so if you're looking for one, definitely go for Japanese lip glosses! It really does transform your natural lip color to a very nudy color :) 
  • the pink color is great to give more dimension to your lips  
  • Affordable
  • Very nudy- and dolly-like
Here I took a close-up of each pair:

M.A.C gives you a more natural looking whereas Melliesh concentrates on more dolly-like look but what I love about it is that the nude color conceal your natural lip color very well. It gives you a different feeling when wearing this type of lip gloss. Trust me, it does! XD

So which one I love the most? MELLIESH! > after using them for a while, I keep falling in love with the lip glosses! XD The other combo will be my temporary ones since I can't get Melliesh products in Thailand>.<


Now down to some OOTD:

FYI: I've been having huge problems with my face lately. I took a week-off for my face to breathe fresh air. Yes, I felt very uncomfortable and odd (but not sad! XD) to go to classes with no makeup and big acne showed up in PUBLIC! T^T But don't worry, I think I found the remedy to calm down my face and get ready for cool weather :D thanks mommy <3

P.S: please do not get disgusting if you see red bumps on my face! please bare with me T^T

Thank you everyone for reading my blog! And I hope you enjoy reading them too ^^ 
Feel free to leave a comment or any suggestion for improvement! Happy to hear from them :)

Take care for now, please be safe from horrible floods! 

Much love,

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fashion Transition: S/S 11 to A/W 11


This entry is going to help you to think about how to start your wardrobe with this coming Fall 2011. I have just put away all my Spring/Summer clothes and replaced them with winter-inspired clothes :) So here I put together the items I have in my closet at the moment ready for the new season. I have also added some mags scans taken from Eki-chan blog (credits: so you guys can get more inspirations :) Good luck!


All About Being A Handsome Man 

Blazers, blazers and blazers are just awesome. They are great tops to look smarter for any occasions. Below are the blazers and my plaid shirt I will be wearing for this season :) 

Great for graphic tees or little casual dresses for a girly look. 

Below is the mag scan from PopSister November issue where they show you 3 ways on how to style with one awesome neutral blazer. As you can see, this long length blazer can make a difference to the entire look. If you can't read (so do I but I'm good at interpreting :p), the first look on the far left is 70% manly but as you go to the right, a simple dress with an oversize blazer can make the look more girly. 

All About Graphic Tees

In this hot and humid weather, it's great to wear awesome graphic tees. This fall, it's also all about cool design and stripes or animal prints touches. I also added my favorite H&M white shirt because it's just great what a simple white shirt can do :) 

You can also notice that my wardrobe has changed from neon/floral style to monotone and smokey style. 


Living in Bangkok can be quite hard and too hot to wear jeans on daily basis. So it's a good idea to have cool patterned skirt and short denim :) As for my skinny jeans, I have my awesome pair of jeans in shocking red color to play around with this fall.

This is the end of my closet. That's almost what I will be using most of the time. I will make sure to play around with colors too to not look too boring XD

The next following photos are all the clothes I put away for this winter. It's sad to be honest but cannot wait to use them again next year! 

More  mags scan from PopSister November issue for you gals. Inspiration is the key to create and know your own style :) 
I don't think I have to go into details as it's just easy enough to see what each picture means :)

Finally to end, I got my Popteen November issue mag! So many pictures full with inspirations for this fall! I hope I can share with you in the future! :)

I hope this post will be useful for you. Let me know what you think by commenting in the comment section below. Until next time, shop shop shop! :D 


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Goodbye PopSister, Hello to October!

Hello everyone!

Today's entry will be all about my last week of BEST OOTD of the week in September and the first week of October :) 

I categorized my BEST OOTD in themes so you guys can see and get inspired by the way I use the same specific item but style it differently. 

Let's start it off with Dolly Pinky Girl <3

OOTD #1: my favorite of that week was my eye makeup inspired by retro-style inspiration from PopSister August issue. 

I used the Make Up Forever Eye Seal and Urban Decay Green eye shadow to do the eyeliner as I don't have a green pencil eyeliner. I also worn falsies to give more volume to my eyelashes.

OOTD #2: this pink lacey top is from my mother XD I was very inspired by PopSister models when they use simple unique jackets as a simple top. I completed my look with my new pair of jeans from Uniqlo, cost only Baht490!!!! unbelievable!!! But I'm more in LOVE with this pink top ! :) 

OOTD #3: today I finally get to wear this lovely lacey top again. This time, I decided to go very girly but smart too :) So I wore my fake glasses in purple and braided my hair. The little pink bow was inspired by PopSister models too! 

The next three best OOTD are more boy-ish and very weekend-like inspiration. Because plaid (or check pattern) is a key piece for this Fall 2011, I tried to mix and match what I can do with this simple item. I honestly never worn nor liked plaid patterns as it is very boy-ish. But I dared myself to try it out again and I'm so in LOVE with it XD 
FYI: this plaid shirt is from Uniqlo too. The material of this shirt is quite thick so it's quite hot to wear this shirt here in Bangkok >.< 

Next theme: Casual Plaid Girl 

OOTD#4: This was my very first time to wear a plaid shirt and I decided to play around and see what's best to fit with this kind of top. Because this shirt keeps you too warm on this hot weather of Bangkok, I had to keep my legs open. (sorry if that sounds wrong hahahah XD) I honestly wanted to pair this shirt with that new pair of jeans I bought from Uniqlo. However! -> BAD COMBINATION!!! especially in Thailand! LOL 

So I kept my outfit fresh and simple by wearing white shirt inside and folded my sleeves up! See? not too bad :)

OOTD#5: This was a Sunday look and I went to watch Thailand Open 2011 final. I wanted to let my face breathe out from all that harmful makeup (though I still put on blush :p) Besides that, I kept very casual by wearing a nice t-shirt I own lol Finally glasses can definitely change the look especially if you don't wear makeup. 

OOTD #5: as silly as I was, I still wanted to wear that plaid shirt with my new jeans LOL and believe me, I sweated like a PIG! >.< I was also called "Lesbian" or "Tomboy" on that day too... how nice eh? XD I honestly didn't think of that too hahaha 

I'm ending this post with this last picture I took last week. I got my PopSister during my midterms period. It's just irresistible to not buy it on time ! XD I also found out (surprisingly) that this is their last publication of PopSister :( I was so looking forward for more ! I'm not quite sure why they ceased so quickly but apparently, some models will continue to appear on Popteen magazine....sigh... I just started to fall in love with this magazine :( But anyway, I will definitely continue to support and get inspirations from Popteen. These models always will be my ultimate inspirations! <3 I wish them all the best in the future! :) 

Taking off now! Take care!