Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some More OOTD :)

Hello everyone!

I hope my fellow readers and friends are safe from the floods around Bangkok. Please be safe wherever you are! :)

I'm so sad to hear the news from my uni today, one of my professor announced that my uni has decided to close the campus starting tomorrow till next wed and maybe the entire week :( wonder why i'm sad? I hate make-up classes especially after 4pm that go on till 7-8pm... >.< since this is my last year of my bachelor degree, I just want to finish uni as soon as possible. 

Anyway i'm gonna stopping rambling and start this entry with some more best OOTD: 

First off, I'm going to show how to play around with belts and blazers. 

#1: Black blazer with floral t-shirt in black stripes and short denim

This was a casual outfit to attend a class this week. Because I was afraid of the rain any time of the day and it gets very hot and dry when it doesn't rain so I kept my legs away from jeans and leggings. 

I experimented two different size of belts to emphasize my waist and to look more stylish. 

As you can see on the photo above, large belt is just too big and the outfit looks busy. But if I used a slim belt, it gently emphasizes the waist only and nice enough to complete this look. Also, keep the color of the belt low, meaning don't pick a neon color or it would just look too odd.

But there is a possibility to wear a large belt with a similar outfit. Read on..... :)

#2: Blue blazer with floral t-shirt in stripes and denim shorts

At first glance, I really thought I wore the same t-shirt two days! XD But I just remembered that I took another shot with this amazing blazer. 

This is another way for you to wear a larger belt underneath a blazer or a cardigan. Unlike the first OOTD, this blazer is thicker and so you can't use a slim belt, in this case. 

So these are the TWO WAYS for you to play around with belts and blazers/cardigans. 

#3: maxi dress + white t-shirt and check blazer

This OOTD was most praised by my friends so I had to share here too :) Because I found that my grey maxi dress is just too simple and plain, I wore a white t-shirt over it to give an illusion that i'm just wearing a long skirt. I added my usual slim belt to help show my waist. And then this check blazer is helpful during classes as it can be very cold in the room. 

#4: One piece in dark blue and red/white stripes

Again, I still don't want to wear jeans nor leggings yet, so I try to keep myself with comfy and short outfit all week. Floods and the hot weather are just stuck in my mind that trousers are out of my list these days. I kept this look simple and comfy during the day but since I went out tonight, I wore a black blazer and wedges to look a bit more sophisticated. 

This is the end of today's post! Don't worry I have already prepared the next post and so I will post it tomorrow! 

Stay safe and talk to you soon! :)

Take care, much love,


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