Thursday, November 15, 2012

Silce-of-life: New Life as a Salaryman! XD

It's almost been a month that I'm working with this Thai local handbag designer. I will write more in details about her brand and her bags in the future. 

Let me just briefly describe you the working environment where I work, what I've been up to and how I enjoy doing everyday in this office. 

In this small office located in the heart of Bangkok's busiest area, there are 3 young people working for the brand called Isawan. It's a local Thai handbag brand founded by my boss. 

I can still remember my job entry interview with her back in September. I reached Siam Paragon, where my boss and I planned our job interview. Inside me, I didn't really feel nervous nor excited. I felt calm and wore the biggest smile on my face.... But my outfit.....showed the nervousness XD My outfit was this very proper, conservative look...showed no fashion taste...XD dark blue denim jeans, white peplum top and a matching color jacket....
It was an interesting and fun session with her. She is a very friendly, open-minded, sociable, honest person. Her personality does not match what you would imagine of typical corporate's boss. 

The first weeks working at IsawanMuse's office, there were many things to do. Since we don't have an internal system yet, we had to figure out what works best for each task to maintain them for the long run. I had to take care of customers' inquiries, order procedures and keep track of customer information database. Customers' inquiries consumed me the most at that time. There were days that I had bad headache, as you can see on the picture below. My eyes could have just come out of my head any time on those days! 

Things got more settled down at the beginning of November. I got used to the way I handled customers' inquiries and order procedures. But when it comes to customer information database, I've been running from it since the beginning....until recently! I hated the layout I created for the database on Excel earlier. All info looked messy and 'dirty' that I didn't want to bother with it.... ever! But it had to get it done nicely someday. 
I got myself together and..... I'm proud of myself of the result! :D

Since November, I get more free time from the inquiries department since we have decided to pause receiving new orders from customers. It's almost December, so we are preparing new prints for our customers to get excited! My boss and my other colleague are always out on fun field trips to gather new leathers and printing development for next month. 
I'm also responsible for the marketing department. So one day during my lunch break, I spent an hour at Kinokuniya to look for word inspirations for our upcoming prints! 

As I have described my boss' personality earlier, we also take time to rest and enjoy some good snack break together! Working in this office, I feel stress-free and happy. I enjoy serving our customers and make sure that they are satisfied with our products and services. But I also look after myself's happiness and health. I start work at 10am but out of 5 working days, there are 2-3 mornings that I would wake up at 6.30am to workout for at least one hour. 

Like my boss and I said, 'During break time, we laugh hard. When we work, we take our job seriously." I think this is very vital in a corporate's working environment. 

Laugh hard every day will keep the doctor away!...not just one egg... LOL  

When it comes to dressing code at IsawanMuse, anything is fine. In ten years time, when I look back at my OOTD, I would probably laugh hard at myself XD I mostly wear long pants to work because it's freezing cold! By allowing your employees to wear anything they want at work, their moods tend to stay positive. Happy working for you, boss! 

Finally, I wanna share my current nail polish for Fall 2012! I just received my Essie and Deborah Lippmann and I'm in love with the colors! Must have for Fall 2012! 

That's it for this post! I hope it makes sense! I hope to come back here again with more fun stuff! 

Take care for now! 


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