Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet

Fall Fashion Week RTW 2013 just wrapped up. 

In Style.com website, this year, it was a little different from the past years. Paris, London, Milan and New York were the main Fashion Week cities to get full coverage. Now, Style.com has covered 4 more cities: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Berlin and Tokyo. 
Obviously, I was very excited when I saw 'Tokyo Fashion Week'. To be honest, I haven't got the chance to check it out yet but meanwhile, I already browsed through some of my favorite designers like Alexander McQueen, Jason Wu, Christian Dior, Jill Stuart, Jil Sander etc. 

And then... I came across a new designer that I never knew before. 

The brand is called Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet

Check out her Fall 2013 RTW below, these are the ones I picked:

Isn't it beautiful???....and cute??? 


If I could ever have this entire collection in my wardrobe..... XD 

I instantly fell in love with Stacey Bendet! She became a big inspiration to me! 

Below are photos I took from her blog, http://fortheloveofblog.com/

Check out her outfits of the day! Aren't they lovely ? She looks so young! but she's not, she has 2 kids and a husband!

I like to visit her blog at least once a week to refill my inspiration tank with words and beautiful photos and colors :) 
Below are some photos I took from her blog again. Very inspirational. 

And she does yoga every morning!! Check this out! 

She is incredible! 
I also took a liking in doing yoga just recently. I'm trying to do yoga as many times as I can on a weekly basis. And I really HOPE that I can do this too someday!! 

Below is screenshots of her website and her Twitter if you want to follow :) 
Her Instagram @alice_olivia

Honestly, there is nothing much for me to say since photos are speaking louder! 
So, I shall let you guys enjoy the rest! I attached a link of her interview below:


Monday, March 4, 2013

Hair Coloring Journey #1: Inspirations come first

Good evening everyone! 

I know I lack of blogging lately >.<
It's difficult to find balance between work, family, friends and myself. But I will do my very very best >.< 
This post is going to be about my very recent hair color changing! And I will take you from the start to the end result of my final look. 

Please note this is not the final look! 

Since I always color my hair at home, the process to end result will take longer rather than if I went to a hair salon. But you know what, it's cheaper if I do at home.
My mom and I have been coloring each other's hair for over 10 years now. It's fun and cheap! :)  

So I've been having this hair coloring crisis for over a month now. 
Well, it all started when my boss bleached her hair to blonde. I'm sure a lot of girls must have thoughts once in their lifetime to go blonde...so did I >.< But I don't want to damage my hair much...yet! 
I talked with my boss many times about which color I should go for....blonde was never the answer XD 


Let's go through my inspiration journey for the past month or so and the end result so far XD 
So then you can understand how much it takes me to decide to go back to lighter color. This kind of decision never took me this long before! >.< 

One night, I was browsing through my Twitter TL and I found these gorgeous photos of Japanese girls with red/pink tone color! 

The first two pictures clicked me right away. I didn't have to go blonde but why not red/pink? I have done copper color before and my skin tone was brightened up. I loved it. I don't know why I changed to darker color back then = =" 
That third photo was taken from Instagram. Due to privacy, I hid her face. But that hair color made her look bold and edgy. I had to save that picture for inspiration. 

Left picture was from the back cover of Jelly magazine. She has this red/pink tone hair color. Again, that was another big inspiration to me. It gives a sweet look.
On the right, this is from Tgosingtian's Instagram account. I love her style. I'm not sure if she actually cut her hair short and dyed to that color but I love it. I really don't know how to describe this hair color. Brown? 

 Alright, this might be funny and strange to some of you. I have been following this guy for sometimes now. Briefly, he's a Japanese singer and a soccer lover. He is also known for dressing up like a girl during his live concerts and some TV shows LOL So there is no surprise if his hair is blonde with pink highlights XD But those highlights really shocked me! But I love it!

Last weekend, on my way to my Jap class, I saw this lady in front of me. She had dark hair color and gold highlights > no surprise...inspiration again! XD 

Alright, my inspirations went from blonde > red/pink tone > pink tone > brown tone > pink highlights 
Then yesterday, I browsed through my old photos on FB and I realized how much I missed my 'caramel' hair color. The one on the left was done in December 2011 and it was perfect. What was wrong with me back then? T^T

I guess I get bored with things very easily LOL 

And then Tsubasa Masuwaka, my all-time favorite Japanese model. She had pink highlights before, then she just posted that picture on her Line account with purple highlights added. Pretty cool eh? 

Yesterday, I finally made my decision. I decided to go back to golden brown full head with pink highlights :) 
It took me some time to choose the right color at the shop. I looked up at the two color boxes I used before to get that golden brown result. But I was afraid that my current hair color would not be able to pick up the color I wanted. So i decided to go for a much lighter color. It's called 'Caramel Shock' no.85 from L'Oreal Feria. 

If you can remember, I used to dye my hair using Liese foaming hair color, http://rosiedolly.blogspot.com/2012/11/lieses-new-color-antique-rose.html I love that brand because the chemical formula is mild. But for this time around, since my hair is dark and I needed a light color at the first attempt, I needed a stronger formula. 
L'Oreal Feria has always been my all-time favorite hair coloring brand, I had to go back to it. But during the coloring process, I forgot how strong the formula was! And after coloring, I can still smell the product all day all night >.< 

During the coloring process, my mom had to use two boxes of no. 85. I left it for 20 min and quickly washed it off. And I got very disappointed. It was still dark and looked red to me. I was expecting a golden tone from the roots T^T It took me all night to get that thought out of my head but I had to keep telling myself that the color was not settled yet. I need to be patient. 
This morning, I woke up and my hair look lighter from last night. That's how I felt more relieved :p But it's still not the color I wanted. I will get to the right color by this Summer! 
On the other hand, I had a good second thoughts. I know that after 2 more washes, my hair will get lighter and brown :) And then I can finally go to the hair salon to get my pink highlights! 

Below is today's look with the end result. 

I will keep you guys updated with hair coloring for the next few weeks. But I really hope that I can get it done before my birthday which is next week!!!! T^T 
My end goal to this non-ending hair coloring process is golden brown by this Summer! :) 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and I hope it can be an inspiration to some of you! 

I will come back soon after 2 more washes :) 

For sure, you can find me on Instagram @rosiedolly for instant photo updating. 

See you!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Product Review: L'Oreal Le Teint True Match Super-Blendable liquid foundation

Hello everyone! 
Welcome back to my blog ^^ 

Back in December, I wanted to try out a new base makeup to keep all my post-acne scars and redness away during the winter. I browsed online from high-end foundations to drugstore products. Since I couldn't go too crazy over any products due to sensitive skin, any best seller foundations were not my options. I had to play 'safe' somehow. 

So, at the end, I picked up L'Oreal Le Teint True Match Super-blendable liquid foundation with SPF 17 PA++
This foundation costed me about 400 baht. 
You can find this product at most Watson and Boots stores and TOPS Supermarket. 

A little about L'Oreal Le Teint True Match Super-Blendable liquid foundation:

Available in 8 skin-true shades specially created for Asian's skin tones. 

Finish : Natural 
Coverage: Light to medium
Skin-type: All skin-type (oil-free) 
Color I picked up: G1 Vanilla Ivory 

During my first week trial, I used the foundation alone with my favorite M.A.C foundation brush. I love how lightweight the foundation felt. It also brightened up my face. But it wasn't heavy enough to cover up my scars. 
On my second week trial, I decided to mix the foundation with my favorite Lioele BB cream. This cream has a thicker texture. So i was hoping that it would help me to cover up my scars. In the end, the mix of the two looked fine. So i kept up with this combination for another 2 weeks or so. 

As you can see, below is me wearing L'Oreal Le Teint True Match foundation and Lioele Beyond the solution BB cream when I was sick >.< But I still look healthy! :) 

My face didn't get too oily during the day, except my nose area. So I may have to pat some powder or blot off the excess oil with tissue. 

After a few weeks of usage, I started to notice that the foundation was melting off around my nose area and forehead. I started to get disappointed and got very upset when i started to breakout!!! 

After a month of trial, my face started to break out like crazy. Especially along my chin area. At first, I wasn't sure what was wrong. There were many factors to cause me from breaking out: 

1) Lack of sleep
2) Too much product used on one application 
3) Stress
4) Sickness > i caught a bad virus during that time too, so i wasn't really in a good shape 
5) Hormones 

So I immediately stopped using the product. My face took about a month to recover from the crazy breakouts. I left my face 'foundation-free' for about 1-2 weeks. The less products applied on my face, the better and faster to recover. 

All in all, it's definitely an affordable product to try out. I love how light weight it felt and natural my face looked but I'm very disappointed when I broke out. Just like its label says, it's 'super blendable'. It definitely is a very liquid product. One pump can go all over the place before you can apply on your face XD so watch out! :p 

Would I recommend it? 

To be honest, I would not recommend it. Although, it gives a natural look and the texture is very light. I think I can find a better foundation that is similar to this one. I guess I just haven't found the right one yet. 

But from my own experience, for my own use, I would stick with BB creams :P

Below are 2 very recent photos I took. I went back to Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream and up until now, I'm in love with it! 

I hope you enjoyed this review! I will be doing another review for Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream later. 

Stay tuned and Happy Chinese New Year 2013! :) 


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Slice-of-my-life: Reflection

Hi everyone, 

I know I disappeared for 2 months. So sorry for the lack of updates. I guess since I started taking my day job seriously, I forgot about myself. Plus, since new year, i got sick for 2 weeks and I'm still slowly recovering from it. So my year 2013 didn't start good but if you think on the bright side, I tell myself that it's a sign for a successful and exciting year :) 

This may be boring to some of you but I decided to use this blog to also reflect about my personal life, not entirely my private life but just a part of it where I can share and hopefully connect with you. 
I have to admit that becoming an adult is harder than I thought. I must find a healthy balance between, work, family and myself. 

Working for a company, you help the owner to achieve their dreams to a great extent. You always have to think about how to make their brand popular, reach the right target and succeed. During all this time, i realized how hard it is to find time for your own self compare to school life. You have to figure out how to build a strong and positive relationship with your boss, co-workers and external clients too. It's all about working hard on your attitude and behaviors. Anything unprofessional and immature, your image and reputation go down very fast. People start to take you as a joke and disrespect you. 

Not only that, family is also a big part of adulthood. Since my brother moved out of our home to build his own family, my mom is relying a lot on me lately. FIY, at my home, we are taught to do household work since we are young. All of that 'daughter's responsibilities are also driving me crazy. Once I do something wrong, my mom goes real upset and puts more pressure on me. 

So...all that working life and daughter's duties are taking all my time, I barely have time for myself. Yes, I still go workout with my co-worker after work but I don't have time to reflect and think over and over about my day. Usually when I work out after work, I go home around 9pm. When I get home, I like to surf on the web or watching some of my favorite band's concert to release my stress or watch some TV series. All that 2-3 hours time killed just flew by. I also find a hard time to drag myself to shower and get ready to bed haha this is my routine so far and I hate it but I can't help since I feel so pressured everyday >.< 

Since new year, I haven't thought a lot about my new year resolution too. I'm not quite sure how to get all my messy things settled down. But I hope that things will get better somehow. I just keep trying my best to look for the light at the end of this hell tunnel... 

This is going to be my motivational quote!

I want to show that I'm trying my best every day! 
I will do all my best every day!

I also haven't been active on my Instagram lately. But I already took some pictures of my OTTD. I make sure to post them soon! Stay tuned!

Until now, if you want to share anything with me or leave a comment would be nice! :) 

Hope everyone been enjoying 2013!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Practice Gratitude Daily

I feel like when i'm stepping up in my adulthood, I want different things in life and I also think differently. I want to be able to move out from my parents' home fast. I want to be able to travel to countries I love or never been before. I want to be able to pay my phone bills and other little necessities I need daily. It's all about money now. Every day I have to think about... how much I'm going to spend, for what reasons and why do i want to spend on that particular thing. 

Isn't it funny ? When we were young, we don't worry much about money. All you focused on were school, grades and friends. After I received my bachelor degree, I sorta drifted apart from my friends. Some have gone abroad to study more and some are busy at their first jobs. So it's difficult to find times for each other now. In a good way, I get to focus more on myself. Learn how to take care of myself without relying too much on others. I try to give my best performance to my boss every day. 

I guess what i'm trying to do on this post is to write my THANK YOU/GRATITUDE notes. As you have noticed, last week was Thanksgiving festive in the USA and I follow a lot of Youtube celebrities on Instagram and on Youtube. So last week was all about Thansgiving. One of them posted on their instagram a very cute pink note book in which she plans to practice gratitude daily. It's actually a good way to see your life in a different perspective. I will definitely buy a book for next year !

REMEMBER the book 100 ways of happiness book I bought last month? It also told the readers to practice gratitude. I will write more about it in the future. 

Gratitude #1:

This week started off pretty good. I get to meet my neighbor as well as my first friend I made when I moved in Bangkok many years ago. She is also a good friend of my boss too. We had a nice lunch together at a small Japanese stall. All I could see is laugh and happy faces the entire lunch break. Something I would never forget. She is actually the person who helped me find this job. And I'm very grateful for her gesture. THANK YOU! <3

Doesn't it look yummy? I ordered some Dragon Roll, my favorite dish :) And the chef was very sweet to give us some free Tuna! THANK YOU CHEF!

Gratitude #2:

On that same day, we had special visitors from Japan. They were so cute to give us presents from Japan! Any one have ever heard of TWNROOM before? Apparently it just recently opened in Shibuya 109. The dress and the skirt are so cute! I look forward to see more of their clothes when I visit Japan again! :D I had a nice time with the two Japanese girls! They were so cute! ^^ I'm grateful to get to know them as well as I can improve my Japanese! THANK YOU! 

Gratitude #3: 

As I always say about my boss, she is very nice and relaxed person. But I have also seen her very angry and it can be scary hahaha But last week, she surprised me by giving me this pink bracelet with a head skull as an early christmas present. And also got a handbag designed by her! It was very cute and sweet of her!! THANK YOU!!! 

Gratitude #4:

This might sound weird for some of you but I'm grateful for being healthy and happy. Since I started working with my boss, I feel happy and enjoy life in my own way. I don't go party nor drink like crazy. I'm more of a home person. I like to watch series, browse through magazine or listen to music. My neighbor also noticed that I look happy. And that is definitely a good sign! But here is the funny part, even though I'm grateful for being healthy and happy, the picture below was taken when I was sick last week. BUT! I look healthy and happy :) 

Finally, I would like to share the picture below to hope to inspire some of you: 

Have a beautiful day everyone :)