Monday, March 4, 2013

Hair Coloring Journey #1: Inspirations come first

Good evening everyone! 

I know I lack of blogging lately >.<
It's difficult to find balance between work, family, friends and myself. But I will do my very very best >.< 
This post is going to be about my very recent hair color changing! And I will take you from the start to the end result of my final look. 

Please note this is not the final look! 

Since I always color my hair at home, the process to end result will take longer rather than if I went to a hair salon. But you know what, it's cheaper if I do at home.
My mom and I have been coloring each other's hair for over 10 years now. It's fun and cheap! :)  

So I've been having this hair coloring crisis for over a month now. 
Well, it all started when my boss bleached her hair to blonde. I'm sure a lot of girls must have thoughts once in their lifetime to go did I >.< But I don't want to damage my hair much...yet! 
I talked with my boss many times about which color I should go for....blonde was never the answer XD 


Let's go through my inspiration journey for the past month or so and the end result so far XD 
So then you can understand how much it takes me to decide to go back to lighter color. This kind of decision never took me this long before! >.< 

One night, I was browsing through my Twitter TL and I found these gorgeous photos of Japanese girls with red/pink tone color! 

The first two pictures clicked me right away. I didn't have to go blonde but why not red/pink? I have done copper color before and my skin tone was brightened up. I loved it. I don't know why I changed to darker color back then = =" 
That third photo was taken from Instagram. Due to privacy, I hid her face. But that hair color made her look bold and edgy. I had to save that picture for inspiration. 

Left picture was from the back cover of Jelly magazine. She has this red/pink tone hair color. Again, that was another big inspiration to me. It gives a sweet look.
On the right, this is from Tgosingtian's Instagram account. I love her style. I'm not sure if she actually cut her hair short and dyed to that color but I love it. I really don't know how to describe this hair color. Brown? 

 Alright, this might be funny and strange to some of you. I have been following this guy for sometimes now. Briefly, he's a Japanese singer and a soccer lover. He is also known for dressing up like a girl during his live concerts and some TV shows LOL So there is no surprise if his hair is blonde with pink highlights XD But those highlights really shocked me! But I love it!

Last weekend, on my way to my Jap class, I saw this lady in front of me. She had dark hair color and gold highlights > no surprise...inspiration again! XD 

Alright, my inspirations went from blonde > red/pink tone > pink tone > brown tone > pink highlights 
Then yesterday, I browsed through my old photos on FB and I realized how much I missed my 'caramel' hair color. The one on the left was done in December 2011 and it was perfect. What was wrong with me back then? T^T

I guess I get bored with things very easily LOL 

And then Tsubasa Masuwaka, my all-time favorite Japanese model. She had pink highlights before, then she just posted that picture on her Line account with purple highlights added. Pretty cool eh? 

Yesterday, I finally made my decision. I decided to go back to golden brown full head with pink highlights :) 
It took me some time to choose the right color at the shop. I looked up at the two color boxes I used before to get that golden brown result. But I was afraid that my current hair color would not be able to pick up the color I wanted. So i decided to go for a much lighter color. It's called 'Caramel Shock' no.85 from L'Oreal Feria. 

If you can remember, I used to dye my hair using Liese foaming hair color, I love that brand because the chemical formula is mild. But for this time around, since my hair is dark and I needed a light color at the first attempt, I needed a stronger formula. 
L'Oreal Feria has always been my all-time favorite hair coloring brand, I had to go back to it. But during the coloring process, I forgot how strong the formula was! And after coloring, I can still smell the product all day all night >.< 

During the coloring process, my mom had to use two boxes of no. 85. I left it for 20 min and quickly washed it off. And I got very disappointed. It was still dark and looked red to me. I was expecting a golden tone from the roots T^T It took me all night to get that thought out of my head but I had to keep telling myself that the color was not settled yet. I need to be patient. 
This morning, I woke up and my hair look lighter from last night. That's how I felt more relieved :p But it's still not the color I wanted. I will get to the right color by this Summer! 
On the other hand, I had a good second thoughts. I know that after 2 more washes, my hair will get lighter and brown :) And then I can finally go to the hair salon to get my pink highlights! 

Below is today's look with the end result. 

I will keep you guys updated with hair coloring for the next few weeks. But I really hope that I can get it done before my birthday which is next week!!!! T^T 
My end goal to this non-ending hair coloring process is golden brown by this Summer! :) 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and I hope it can be an inspiration to some of you! 

I will come back soon after 2 more washes :) 

For sure, you can find me on Instagram @rosiedolly for instant photo updating. 

See you!


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