Friday, February 24, 2012

New Hair Style!

Hi hi everyone!

Since i'm taking a break from midterm revision (bad student! XD), i just wanted to briefly blog!

I miss blogging! :D (awwww~:p)

Anyway let me start off with my OOTD of today!
I was pretty down all week. I was very stressed over upcoming exams.

So, to lift my spirit up, i had to wear something very bright and girly today XDD and it really did work! But the ultimate key to complete this look was to smile all day! :D

Another inspiration I had in mind all day is this beauty/fashion Youtube guru i've been very into this month.

Her name is Heart. Beautiful yet lively and yet very inspirational <3 :D

Please check out her YT channel here!! >

I love her quote, it inspires me everyday <3 THANK YOU!! <3

"Count your blessings, not your problems"

Okay! Down to my OOTD! Haha sorry i got carried away XDD

- Polka dots shoulder sleeves: bought at the Ratchayotin Major Night market
- White shorts: CPS
- Beige belt: from Japan
- White flats: bought at Central Chidlom Department Store

Oh, let me share my new hair cut I had last week! Omg i can't believe i forgot to post that!!

This was done at Prestige Hair @ Thonglor! I loveeee it! I knew that bangs would make me younger and more girly and totally suits me BEST! :D thank you to my friend, Ploy, for introducing her hairstylist to me! THANK YOU!!!! <333

Now i have to go back to read or i might just jump to bed :p

Good luck to those who have exams too!
Have a good weekend!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fashion Inspiration - Chriselle Lim Relaxed & Refined

As I was checking my facebook feed this morning, I was totally caught up by one of my favorite fashion stylist's post. That picture of her (picture below) instantly inspired me for today's outfit!

At first, I wanted to wear exactly like Chriselle but I thought I should incorporate my style :D
Please note that I don't own her picture! It's from her blog >

What I wore:
- Denim shirt: CPS ( CHAPS )
- Pleated skirt: Jaspal
- Stripes top: Bershka
- Belt: Siam
- Necklace: Forever XXI
- Shoes: Zara

I hope Chriselle will visit my blog one day and see how inspired i was today! I hope she will like it XD

Thank you Chriselle!

Don't forget to visit her blog too! It's very inspiring!

Have a nice weekend everyone!
Until next time,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine Day!

Hello everyone!

I just wanna share that I got the chance to do my own nails yesterday!
Love this nail polish! Just one coat was enough :D

Anyways i wish everyone a Happy V-Day!

Thanks to my parents for the lovely cake and thanks to my friends who wished me today!
Love you all!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Day Look - Dolly Pink

Hi everyone!

Here i finally got a nice finished look for you gals!

I know it looks very simple but there is a saying "Less is more" :)

So this is definitely something i would wear again tomorrow!

Tomorrow may be very special to some people but to me, being single, it means nothing much XD however, if it asks me to look prettier than any other day then i wouldn't mind ^^

It's up to you if you want to go a bit dramatic by putting on false eyelashes :)

Products used:
- M.A.C Pro Longweae Concealer NW20
- Clarins Loose Powder
- Candy Doll Blush in Strawberry Pink
- Urban Decay Primer
- M.A.C eyeshadow Cork
- Shu Uemura Pressed Eyeshadow in Soft Pink
- Dolly Wink Deep Black Liquid Eyeliner
- Dolly Wink Volume Mascara
- Natural Cosmetics Lipstick in Mashmellow

Don't forget to share your V-Day look here :)

Have a Happy V-Day everyone!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Look of the Day - Dolly Garden

Today's OOTD features one of my favorite floral dress i bought in Singapore 2 years ago. Thank gosh i found it again back in my other closet :)

I love how this dress grabs everyone attention because it's so unique :))
i believe that this outfit really represent the soft part of me and made me really happy all day :)

What I wore:

- Green floral dress: a shop at Far East Plaza, B1, Singapore
- Pink shirt: my Sister's :p
- White Chanel bag: bought in Shanghai
- Necklace: Forever XXI
- Black wedges: Central Chidlom Department Store

I also want to share my OOTD from yesterday. I know I already posted the same one but I specially wanted to have my uni friends featured in a post :)

I'm going to share what i wore yesterday because many of my classmates asked where I got my shirt ^^

What I wore:

- White top: Shibuya 109, Japan
- Green bottom: Lyn Around
- White flats: Central Chidlom Department store

Finally, since the beginning of this month I wanted to predict each month the color that would be most in trend. If you've noticed, last month (January), it was the celebration month along with Chinese New Year, so it was RED then.
This month, its GREEN because i felt the beginning of Spring. Pastel colors will slowly appear during the season and GREEN is the start of my Dolly Garden too.
Next month (March), I was thinking of NEON PINK but another color came up later.
Other people have predicted Spring with CRUISE and SUNSHINE. And now, i'm thinking that GREEN represent GRASS of my garden but can't grow beautifully without WATER, meaning BABY BLUE. So I'm predicting that next month and i strongly believe in BABY BLUE trend in MARCH!

So this is how I see and picture my SPRING 2012. Let's see if I'm able to forecast the trend :)

Share with me your predictions! And I hope my garden will grow beautifully! :D



Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Look of the Day - Green Day!

I'm featuring some uni friends who wore GREEN today!

What I wore:
- White collar top with long sleeves: from Japan, Visalia, Shibuya 109
- Green bottom: Lyn Around
- White Flats: Central Chidlom Department Store
- Necklace: Forever XXI
- Bow Bag: from my Sister's ^^

Let's have some more GREEN day together this month!

I will try my best to snap more people who wear GREEN this month only and be featured here in my blog! :D

Also I added a nice picture I stole from my friend's Instagram! It's a great inspirational picture for this Spring 2012! Plus, Kate Spade most popular ad campaign slogan is perfect!


Lastly, end this post with a nice picture I took of the full moon tonight! Make a wish and i hope it will come true :)

Happy Green Day! ^^v

Rosie <3

Monday, February 6, 2012

Look of The Day - Minty Green

Today I was inspired by the color - minty green. I totally forgot that I own this simple minty green top and i just had to wear today to uni ^^

I'm not really sure where i bought this top from but pretty sure I didn't buy it in Thailand.

The inspiration came from the newest Popteen March issue. Kumicky chan worn an oversize minty green top, light brown shorts and black heels.
(Please see the Inspiration picture below, Kumicky chan inspiration is bottom right picture)

Minty Green top - don't remember
Blazer - Sister's :p
Black shorts - Lyn Around
Pink polka dot socks - BBW (HK)
Black heels - Central Chidlom Department Store
Bow bag - from Sister's
Necklaces - Forever XXI

Since i just came back from uni, i needed to hydrate myself by having some fresh orange juice and green tea! Plus, i couldn't resist to get my favorite delicious egg tart from KFC! Yummy~~!

P.S: I'm testing Blogger app on my iphone right now and hoping that the final entry will come out good. If this turns out good, i shall use this app more regularly! :D

Until next time, take care!
Happy Monday!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

More Fashion Haul !

Last week, I felt more like wearing comfortable clothes but still stay stylish and girly :) 


- Shocking pink top: Giordano
- Denim short: CPS
- Bird patterned jacket: CPS


- Maroon fitted dress: Topshop
- Floral printed top: Topshop


- Beige v-neck top: MNG
- Pink skinny jeans: CPS
- Animal print scarf: Zara
- Necklaces: Forever XXI

OOTD #4:

- Maroon fitted dress: Topshop
- Bird patterned jacket: CPS
- Necklace: Forever XXI
- Oxford shoes: Central Department Store


- White top: Topshop
- High waist pants: Lyn Around
- Oxford shoes: Central Department Store

OOTD #6:

- White t-shirt: GAP
- Skinny jeans: Uniqlo
- Necklaces: Forever XXI

OOTD #7:

- Boyfriend T-shirt: MNG
- Beige biker jacket: B + Ab (HK brand)
- Skinny jeans: Uniqlo
- Ankle boots: Zara
- Animal Prints Scarf: Zara
- Necklace: Forever XXI

Lastly, I want to share some more clothes I bought last week. OMG.... yes I can't help buying more clothes! And guess what...I'm still going to buy some more this month!!! My wallet is going to BLEED harder!!! T^T

So that black dress is from Topshop just like that maroon dress I've been wearing for the past week. I'm lucky enough to find the size before it goes sold out! As we all know, black dresses are the most demanding and so is size 6 (UK size)! Thank gosh! ...I'm still thinking to buy some more fitted dresses from Topshop XD I want that floral one! :p

GAP white t-shirt is great!! Love it! And it's only 490baht! Right now, there is a promotion period for these 'favorite GAP t-shirt'. So if you're looking for good quality and cheap t-shirt, check out GAP stores now! :D 

Finally, I couldn't resist but buy moreeee SOCKS! There are quite cheap in Topshop! Plus 10% discounts for students all week and 15% discounts on wednesday only, MUST BUY! XD