Saturday, September 10, 2011

BEST OOTD September Week One!

As I have 3 days off a week, I take this chance to dress up as stylish, in trend, colorful and girly as possible :) When Monday comes back, I always miss my wardrobe full of pretty clothes waiting for me to use them when Friday comes :] 
Well, I have to say that I would already start looking through at my wardrobe since Thursday because my professor doesn't really mind us to wear casual to class XD 

My classmates always ask me why I dress up so nice to even come to uni. You want to know why? I had this quote in mind ( now i don't remember the exact words ) but basically, you should think that every time you step out of your house, you should dress up as pretty as you can to get ready for the unexpected! 
Trust me, if someday in your life, you're that lazy person, wearing that PJ pant with a huge cartoon face t-shirt to go to the nearby supermarket and this hot tall guy is there "single" LOL I think you would have wished that you would have dressed up better than that, right? XD 

Ok, on a serious scenario, running into your "future" boss?? XD -one of the most embarrassing moment- 

Here are OOTD on first week of this month: 

Below is when i was inspired by vintage colors and style. I also find an excuse to wear my favorite green polka dots skirt. I have to agree with Chriselle (Blog: that a white shirt is one of the essential items to have in your closet. Also, I love wearing rings here and there but notice that my most favorite ring style is roses :)

I like to go extreme, "out of my comfort zone" to express my true self in public. But there are times I feel that Thailand society judge you very quickly and wrongly. Once they see something very unusual, they will call you "weird" or "crazy" or "insane". They don't know that fashionista just love to dress up and be in trend. So what i'm saying here is that: there will be a few times, I would wear something "safe" and minimalist. 

My love for floral patterns never ends. I love when Spring and Summer come so I can wear floral patterns almost everyday. Yes, I can do that in Thailand all year round but it isn't fun if you don't follow the season elsewhere right? lol 
Also, I try to have a "No Makeup Day" at least once a week and most of the time that would be on Sundays. 

Lastly, I wore this cute floral green vintage-inspired dress on one of my class day. I have to say that the length of this dress is a bit "too" short but I still love it! The material of this dress is just soft and flowy :D To complete this look for a more girly look is those adorable creamy floral pair of socks <3

NOTICE: I wear a lot of GREEN lately :D

I also changed the nail color of my nails. I matched it according to those nail art :)
I didn't realize how long my nails were until I removed the nail polish /o/

Believe it or not, I played Thai boxing with these long nails TT^TT
Eventually, I broke my thumb one so I had to go to nail salon right away !!

I will be posting this week OOTD very shortly! Don't forget to stop by again for more inspiration :)


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