Friday, March 30, 2012

March Favorites 2012!

Good afternoon everyone!

I'm back with my March Favorites of the month 2012! :)

First off, i shall share with you some new goodies i bought this month.

- Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle in
O - 03 with SPF 26 / PA ++ for 1,900 baht

- e.l.f studio blush in fuschia fashion (left) and tickled pink (right) for 93 baht each only! Super affordable!

Now my March Favorites 2012

1. Clarins Extra Comfort Cleansing Cream for Dry or Sensitive skin with Plant Extracts > this is my second pot i bought in a month. This product works pretty well on my skin. I barely breakout. It's a cream/milk type cleanser.
Downsize: i have to do the same hand motion (which is tiring) at least 2-3 times each night to make sure i remove all of my makeup.
FYI: i use a separate eye makeup remover.
2. Keratinology Heat Protector Spray Anti Frizz with UV Filter > i'm quite skeptical with new products that are imported to Thailand. But this heat protector spray has not shown any dry or damaged hair! It actually made my hair look healthier :D
3. Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask with Pink Clay > i'm not sure if this has been one of my favorite before but it is for this month! :D It helps dry my acne and heals them faster. Also it helps to cleanse and purify my skin and acne more.
4. Clarins Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate for Sensitive Skin > i stopped using this serum for a while because I was having a bad skin condition. But now that things are getting a little more controllable, I must use this serum to help reduce the redness of my sensitive skin around my cheeks area :)
5. Shu Uemura Pro Concealer in 7YR Medium Light > this concealer has always been my favorite one because i love cream concealer! It's much better than the M.A.C liquid concealer i just bought. I feel that cream concealers are easier to apply and since their texture is more creamy and thick, it conceal pimples and blemishes much better than a liquid concealer :)
6. Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake > it's affordable, wide range of colors available, moisturize lips. It's everything that you want in a lipstick :) i love this color but i just realize that i may want to try the lightest pink shade because this one is quite bright for me :)

Alright that's the end of my post! I have a lot to post on my blog. I will try my best!

See you next post! Take care :)


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birthday Celeb Week - Looks of the Week :)

Alrighty, this is my last post for today because i feel bad for disappearing all month XD


Tops: white spaghetti straps, minty green long dress from Zara (only baht890!!!)
Bottom: black leggings from Undergear (i bought it in Central Chidlom Department Store)
Shoes: Aldo shoes
Scarf: animal printed scarf from Zara

P.S: i will post more photos of this OOTD later;)

OOTD #2 (Day look)

Tops: white sleeveless shirt from Topshop, minty green long dress from Zara
Bottom: Lyn Around shorts
Bow socks: Topshop
Black heels: bought at Central Chidlom Department Store
- bangles: Platinum Fashion Mall
- bracelets: Accessorize
- pink ring: Siam night market
- golden square ring: H&M

OOTD #3 (Night look)

Black fitted dress: Topshop
Black cardigan: Uniqlo
Black belt: from my sister's :)
Black studded shoes: Jaspal
Bangles: Platinum Fashion Mall

FYI: the main reason i wore all black on that night is the obvious reason > one of my high school just lost his mother and so i attended the first night at the temple to pay my respect.


Black fitted dress: Topshop
Printed top: Guess
Animal printed shoes: Guess
Coach bag


Pink top: Jaspal
Denim shirt: CPS
Denim shorts: CPS
Forever XXI bag
Animal prints scarf: Zara
Ankle boots in brown: Zara
Bangles: Platinum Fashion Mall

Hope you gals get more inspirations! Happy Sunday and see you next post! :D


Birthday Celeb Week - Safari World & Brunch at Tables

Another post to share with you all!

If you don't follow me on Instagram then you're missing a lot of my picture post of the day! If you have an account then don't forget to follow me @rosiedolly

So my first few days of birthday celebration were more spent with family and relatives :)
I finally get to eat BEST FRENCH FOOD @ Tables, Hyatt Erawan Hotel, 2nd floor!
Since we went on a Sunday, the price per person may be higher than on weekdays but i got to eat DELICIOUS LOBSTER BAKED WITH CHEESE!! Ohhh yummy~!!! Everything was perfect and meaningful to me, thank you mom and dad! :) <3

The next day, i got to spend time with my high school friends at Safari World! To be honest, i was very disappointed with the place :/ The entry fee of 2 parks was 430baht!!! I would strongly recommend you all to buy the drive tour fee which was 330baht!
Why? My friends and I felt sorry for the animals!! They were so sad in their cages!! T^T and MOST of animals are gone due to the floods!
The best experience i had though was feeding the giraffes and looking at the beautiful view we had after the feeding. I felt like I flew to Africa! The view was just gorgeously beautiful and that's why I said it's worth to buy the drive tour! But if you don't own a car, there a 30baht tour by a bus service too :)

Alrighty, i'm going to end this entry with the photos i took there :) And i shall go write a new posts of some OOTD for the past week, enjoy!


Birthday Celeb Week - Countdown Night Out

Hi everyone!

So sorry for the lack of blog entries this month, been very busy with this birthday celeb XD This year's celebration felt very special and important for me and so I had to enjoy this year's birthday to the max! I haven't touched my computer for almost a week now and even skipped a class on my birthday. That's how much my birthday meant to me XD

Let's just have pictures speak themselves! Enjoy!

Personal note here:

Thank you to my friends who came to countdown and chill and for the presents too!! Very sweet of you all! Love you all!! :D <3

If you want to know what I wore on that day, let me know!


Friday, March 2, 2012

Accessorize S/S 2012 Promotional Deal!


This is your lucky day, this is a double post ! :D 


If you don't know what a mood board then let me briefly explain to you all :) 

It's basically a collage of inspirational images for that month. Images that you pick up online or take photos yourself. 

So please do note that most pictures I selected here are from other owners! 

As you can see below is that my February was all about anything that is soft, pastel color and especially Green! And so throughout the entire month, I have noticed other fashion and beauty guru to be into the mood of soft green :) And this is how I show my predictions! 

Some of my readers (and friends) have been asking me what does 'OOTD' stand for. 

OOTD stands for Outfit Of The Day

There are couple more acronyms that fashion and beauty gurus like to use either on their Youtube video or blog post.
Want to know more, here I list you a couple more:

  • FOTD: Foto Of The Day
  • QOTD: Quote Of The Day
  • OOTN: Outfit Of The Night
  • Vlog: Video Blog 
Let me end this post with some more OOTD :) 

Last Green Day of February OOTD

What I wore: 

- Minty Green top: don't remember
- Black shorts: Lyn Around
- Pink cardigan: a shop in HK 
- Necklace: Forever XXI
- Bracelets: Accessorize 
- Bow socks: Topshop
- Oxford shoes: bought at Central Department Store

Miss March Dolly Pink 

What I wore:

- Cream tank top: CPS
- White buttoned-up shirt: Topshop
- Pink shorts: Lyn Around
- Bow socks: Topshop
- Oxford shoes: bought from Central Chidlom Department Store
- Necklace: Forever XXI
- Bracelets: Accessorize 
- Bags: from my sister

Just a quick announcement, if you're interested to buy some accessories at Accessorize, they are currently having a 15% discount period from Feb 17 till March 18, 2012 !

All you have to do is to

It's totally worth the deal! So don't forget to print out and shop shop shop before it's too late!! 

By the way, if you have instagram, don't forget to follow me: @rosiedolly and Like my Facebook page for daily picture post! :D

Happy Shopping and Have a good weekend ! :D 


February Favorites & Misses!

Hi everyone! 

Finally back after midterms to present you February Beauty favorites and misses! :D 
I know it's been a while since I have done a beauty haul post so this is going to be quite a long one! 
Get ready! 


  • Clarins Face Treatment Oil in Lotus 
This is a 100% Pure Plants Extract.

Before I used this product, I used to use light weight cream or gel moisturizer. I still break out no matter what. I never thought that an oil type of moisturizer ever existed. Neither did I ever thought that the application of oil on oily skin (like everyone would believe) actually help heal the skin.... Right? RIGHT?? 

I don't know if any one ever remember when I talked about using Camellia Cooking Oil when I had very bad skin and acne condition last summer? To be honest, when I used that Camellia Oil, I never broke out! YES TRUE! Try it yourself if you dare! :p 

And now I finally found this amazing oil from Clarins! Before I bought the actually size of this product, I still asked for a sample one so I can try it out for a few days so I can make a final decision. 

So if any one wants me to make a full review of this product, let me know! 

  • Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask with Pink Clay
This is another favorite of the month. I bought this clay mask early last winter. After using it several times,  my face got worse and worse. I was breaking out so much that I just stopped using this mask. I regretted it so much :( 

However, the Clarins lady kept on telling me to use it but I never wanted to because I was afraid of breaking out again. 

But I gave it a shot again last month. And guess what? LOVE IT! LOL My acnes are slowly healing and redness around my cheeks are also slowly reducing. It works! :D 

My assumption to why I love it this time is because I just need to apply a very small amount of product onto my face. Last year, I applied a very THICK layer of clay onto my skin and I'm guessing that my face was very confused and just didn't know how to work on the clay of that amount! lol 

  • Clarins Serum Restructurant
This product (top) was a life saver to me! It's actually a sample one though but I love how Clarins is giving out sample product before you regret buying something that don't workout! :D 

This serum helps me to restore balance and clarity to my sensitive skin. I can use this for a period of 10 to 20 days only. It just works amazingly and I barely break out :) 

The bottom products are just to show you that I cannot use them anymore because I keep breaking out :( 

  • Shu Uemura Pressed Eyeshadow in Soft Pink
If you guys have watched my latest Beauty Haul video from my Youtube channel, then you know that I introduced you to this product and I also have a blog post of the Valentine's Day Look. Check it out if you haven't:

I used it a couple times and there seems to be no sign of eye infections :) It's quite high pigmented but just a small downside of it is that it's a bit difficult to pick up product onto my brush or finger and then apply on my eyelids :/ Not sure why.... 

Now down to products I don't like :/

  • M.A.C Lipsticks
I know I posted a picture of these two lipsticks before and I said that I loved them. I have to admit that I love the colors of these two lipsticks but my lips were always so dried! M.A.C's lipsticks sadly don't work on me :( So I have to look for lipsticks from another brand... 

  • Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil 
This is another miss of the month because I realized that oil makeup remover breaks me out more. I never realized or even never thought that oil makeup remover was the cause of my break out :( This has to end up to be my eye remover only...sigh... 

I honestly loved this product so much because it felt so oily that I thought it cleansed and removed all my makeup thoroughly but actually it was doing the opposite :( 

However, I still want to recommend this product to those who are looking for makeup remover. I think this product just won't ever work out on me because I have sensitive skin. 

Alrighty, it's the end of my favorites and misses of the month! But I still want to introduce you all to more products I just bought!

  • M.A.C Blush
I have heard a lot of positive reviews on M.A.C blushes for several reasons:

  1. Affordable
  2. Long lasting: people have used M.A.C blush for over 2 years of the same one
  3. High pigmented
So I thought of trying one on. But silly of me, I bought a mineral one :/ I think I have a bad reaction of it but I will try it again once my skin is in a better condition :)

Again, if you have followed me on facebook or twitter, I bought a new concealer. Sadly, it didn't end up in my favorite of the month. I'm still testing it so I will let you guys know later this month :)

Below is the new Cleanser from Clarins I bought couple days ago. That's why I told you guys that I stopped using the Clinique Makeup Remover one because I've been using the wrong CLEANSER since forever!!!! T^T 

This cleanser is very milky but very gentle though! It definitely leaves a soft and radiant look after washing off my face at night! Also, I love when there is this thin oil layer early morning. Don't get me wrong but this means that my face was able to restore balance and clarity of my skin. 

So far, I feel that my acne and skin problem are improving :) So, I will keep you guys up-to-date within this month :) 

I also bought a new M.A.C brush. This is the 130 Short Duo Fibre brush. I was thinking to use this brush for light weight foundation after my skin is healed. For now I'm using it with my powder foundation. The reason that I'm using this particular brush is because the smaller the brush the more precise it gives. Plus, I love this type of hair brush. It's very soft and doesn't irritate my face much. 

Below I also got some Lancome Teint Miracle foundation. I heard that this is a water-based foundation which means that there is a low chance for my skin (who has large pores) to get clogged. Again, I will try this on after my skin is healed. 

To end this post, I would like to ask you all if you're interested if I do a giveaway? Please comment on this entry! I will have 1 or 2 M.A.C lipsticks that I want to giveaway! I will post more details of the lip color later this week!

But let me know if you're interested! :D