Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hello everyone!

We are hitting the last day of August…meaning… Summer is coming to an end, it’s back to school time and Fall is right next door!

Some of you must have gone to the beach for sun bathing. You may already know but being exposed to sun can increase dark spots, large pores and wrinkles.
Now that Fall and cool weather is arriving soon, we would like to give you a little heads up in repairing the damage and renewing your complexion ready for the cool weather.

Today, another SKINCARE BASICS post will focus on one particular element I have learned during the skincare workshop I attended early this month: RETINOL. It is an important part of anti-aging process like skin firming and skin renewal.

Retinol is a medical term to define it as vitamin A. It’s an element part of skin renewal process if you want youthful and healthy skin in the long term.

There are two types of retinoid that you may want to know: retinoid acid and retinol.


Retinoid Acid seems to have existed way longer than Retinol for skin renewal. It is known as the “acidic version of vitamin A or retinol.” Not only it gives an effective results in healthier skin but retinoid help increase collagen formation and decrease collagen and elastin breakdown.  

According to Oprah’s online article, dated since July 2009, claimed that retinoid “unclog pores, boost collagen to reduce fine lines, and speed cell turnover to even out discoloration and smooth the skin.”

The first retinoid product to be approved by the FDA was the brand name Retin-A, almost 40 years ago.

It is only prescribed to patients to treat acne. Also, Retin-A is effective in the treatment and prevention of photoaging, such as reduce dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles and smooth the skin.
Retin-A was very popular at that time as patients experienced clearer, softer, brighter and smoother skin. Soon enough, many other brands on the market would release their own prescription products to treat acne. But some may be stronger than others, and patients may experience irritation, redness, temporary peeling and increase in sun sensitivity.

In terms of sun sensitivity, Oprah says, on her article, that “the ingredient itself is sensitive to sunlight” and so she suggests applying the retinoid product before bed at night. 
But if you want to use it during the day, make sure to apply a small amount of retinoid as it can cause dryness and sunscreen of at least SPF 15 or 30 PA +++. 
Brief note: PA or PFA means Protection Factor A and the “plus” sign indicates more protection to sun exposure in a day, meaning the more “plus” the better. 


Retinol is known as vitamin A alcohol. It is said that this element seems to be less effective in terms of skin renewal process. On the other hand, retinol has proven its strong efficiency in “decreasing excessive breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin.”

When applying a small amount of retinol topically, it appears to help skin repair. It is not recommended to take retinal oral doses on daily basis as it can causes liver damage.

Retinol helps improve your skin, reverses the aging process for a youthful look, brightens up, smooths your skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

The element of retinol is becoming a huge hit as being a new technology in the Beauty market, nowadays. It is easier to get your hands on them, as you don’t need doctor prescription. There are plenty of new products from the over-the-counter brands to get the right products for your own needs:

  • ·       For rehydration and sensitive skin
  • ·       For minimizing fine lines
  • ·       For firming sagging skin
  • ·       For reduce in dark spots
  • ·       For tightening enlarged pores

L.A. based dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban says, 

“September is the perfect time to rewrite our skincare mission statement.” 

– Marie Claire US September Issue 2012

On the West side of the planet, it is highly recommended for anybody, who have been exposed to the Sun over the Summer, to add a product that contains retinoid in their skin care regimen.

For those who live in the hot/humid countries, like Thailand, I would suggest you to start looking for a retinoid product too. We are exposed to Sun rays everyday for 365 days!

No matter where you are when reading this post, we must take good care of our skin when exposed to the Sun. If you remember in my last SKINCARE BASICS post, skin cells, including collagen and elastin, are built up every day but die too! 


If you are in the process of changing your skin care routine, start small. Don’t go overboard with tons of new products or your skin will go nuts and your wallet will get very upset!
In general, when you start to use more than 1 NEW product, your skin tends to get sensitive and usually, skin reaction occurs but you have no idea which product has caused that. So one product at a time, see which one works well at that particular moment. If one product is finished and you want to try a new one, go ahead. If you feel irritation or redness occurs, please stop using that product immediately!

The most important tip of today, “give your skin a weeklong break!”
To start off, you may want to find a gentle cleanser and a light moisturizer “with emollient like shea butter, natural oils, and ceramides” to protect your fragile, sensitive skin. 
Let your skin restarts building a strong barrier on top of the epidermis, as well as building up collagen and elastin. Once you feel that your skin looks healthy and strong, you may start using retinoid products or scrubs again.

Alright, this has been quite a long informational post! I hope you have managed to differ between retinoid and retinol. THAT skincare workshop really has been a great help in taking better care of my youthful skin!

I’m very happy to share information with you all! Are you?

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eye Makeup Inspired by Ayumi Hamasaki

Good evening! 

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Yesterday, I posted on my Instagram account my new Eye makeup look! It's actually an old makeup look I did last year but I kept having comments from friends and family that it looks too heavy. 

I guess I had a lot of skin problems back then like acne, post acne, high pigmentation. To be honest, my skin wasn't fun to play with. It wasn't the perfect 'canvas' to apply makeup on :/ But now its been a year, I have found the right products to REALLY help me brighten up my skin and CONTROL my acne issue. I have to say that my skin has REALLY got whitened in just a month! These products really work! If you're interested to know what I'm talking about, 



Contact me through Facebook or Twitter to reserve a seat for you :)

Now down to some pictures of my new eye makeup :) 

I honestly don't mind my natural double eyelids. I can do 5min makeup or natural makeup with it. But since yesterday, I wanted to play around with my 'new' face canvas :) This time, it takes LESS TIME to do my face. 

Let me give you quick steps of my new makeup look:


After I'm done applying my skincare products all over my face, I start sticking my double eyelids tape on each eye. If any end corners of the tape needs extra glue to stick, I would use my eyelashes glue. 

Then I need to apply some concealer on my under eyes circles and acne that appear red. 

Next, I use my brand new powder foundation with their sponge to cover up my entire face. 

I apply my favorite eye primer on top of my tapes to let the primer dry before I do my eye makeup. 

While waiting, I define my eyebrows with a brown color eye shadow and angled brush.

Then I do my cheeks. I would pick a nice pink/violet or just light orange cheek blush for a natural look.


I mix a matte brown eye shadow with a gold shimmer eye shadow together. 

I apply on the entire lids both colors. Make sure that the color goes a bit over the new crease I have created.

I apply more that same matte brown shadow to my new crease to create more depth.

Tightline my eyes with a dark brown pencil eyeliner. Make sure I connect the top and bottom line at the end corners of my eyes. Note: I only line half way of my bottom eyes. 

Line my eyes with liquid eyeliner in black to set that pencil eyeliner. 

Curl my lashes and coat them with mascara

Cut a set of eyelashes to have demi-lashes then glue each half on the end of the each eye. 

Set your bottom pencil eyeliners with that same brown matte eyeshadow and your black liquid eyeliner. 

Use a highligh color of your choice to apply on the inner corners of each eye

Finally apply your favorite lipgloss :) 

TA DAAAA!!!!!!!!!! 

Below is Ayumi Hamasaki. MY idol. She's got this beautiful timeless glowy look. It's been many years since she's been wearing this look. It's like her signature look. She's the perfect admiration and inspiration. A strong, powerful, cute, lovely and beautiful woman I ever known. 

What most attract me in her is her eyes. That is why I try, try, and try to create her eyes. I have watched tons of inspired look videos on Youtube but I can't seem to do it right... but yesterday I got it right! Very happy with my new look :) 
I cannot wait to recreate it tomorrow and the day after tomorrow! This time I will have bottom lashes too! :D 

Since now I was able to create something new, I was thinking to record this look ONCE I get my NEW HAIRCUT :D 

Let me know if you cannot wait to see this new look AND my new haircut! :D 

See you soon and take care!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Skincare Basics: how the Skin works

Good morning everyone!

I’m back with the FIRST SKINCARE BASICS post!

Today is the right time to share with all of my readers what I have learned at a Beauty Skincare workshop last weekend and my first personal Beauty workshop hosted this past Monday.

On this post, I would like to focus on sharing the most essential part of the Beauty workshop: 

how the Skin works

Not only Beauty or Skin experts should understand how our skin works but also I believe that everyone should.

Our skin has three layers.

Hypodermis is the deepest layer, closest to our bones. It contains a large layer of fat, blood vessels and nerves than those found in the dermis layer.

Dermis is the thickest middle layer that contains collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are proteins that give skin structure, strength and flexibility. As we get older or exposed to too much Sun, the production of elastin and collagen will reduce. Signs of aging can be loss of firmness or more obvious wrinkles.
In this layer, there are also hair follicles, nerves, blood vessels and sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands produce sebum. Sebum is an oily substance that travels around the hair shaft to reach the top layer of the skin. This oily substance would cover the epidermis layer and gives a protective barrier against moisture loss. When there is an excess sebum production covering the top layer, it leads to oily skin and acne.
Unfortunately, this protective barrier can be easily removed by various factors: cleansers that can be too abrasive and fragranced, environmental pollution and poor diet. So it must be taken care through external skincare products.

Epidermis is the top layer or surface layer. This layer is very thin compared to the other two layers. But it is the strongest among them.
It gives immediate, visual signs to the condition and health of the skin. Epidermis can also be divided into 2 layers.  But I’m not going to go into too much detail.  You may want to know where the living cells are created. They are born at the lowest layer of the Epidermis that is nearest to the Dermis layer. But by the time the cells reach to the surface layer, they are already considered dead. The cells become smaller and flatter as they lack of oxygen and moisture loss. They are left on the surface layer called Stratum Comeum and younger cells pushed up from below replace dead cells.

In the diagram below:

There are blood vessels in the hypodermis and dermis layer. 

Blood vessels have a vital role for our skin. They provide nutrition and oxygen to our skin cells.
During our young age, the cells in Dermis and Epidermis layers are very close to each other. This help providing the nutrition and oxygen. But as we get older, the cells are more scattered and inactive. They are unable to provide what it is needed to extend elasticity and collagen. Thus, this leads to aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

Did you know that the thickness of our 3 skin layers is equal to 10 A4 pages? 
Did you know that the thinnest skin layer of our face is the eye socket?

Before we get through the 5 common skin types listing, try the Self-Analysis first. Then you can have a look of the list to see which one is YOUR skin type :)


1.     How does our skin feel after you wash it using a cleanser?
a.     Tightness can indicate dry skin
2.     How does your face look during the day?
a.     Sign of shine all over the face indicate oily skin
b.     Sign of shine in some areas indicate combination skin
3.     Lifestyle factors:
a.     Do you smoke?
b.     How much sun exposure are you exposed to in a day?
c.      How much pollution exposure are you exposed to in a day?

Now, let me briefly give you the 5 skin types:


·      Comfortable-feeling
·      Smooth
·      Small pores
·      May experience some shine


·      Foreheads, eye area and cheeks
·      Tight-feeling after washing
·      Small pores
·      Shows fine lines faster than other skin type


·      Shows shine on the T-Zone (forehead, nose, chin)
·      Large, visible pores
·      Frequent breakouts
·      Shows few signs of aging


·      Oily on the T-zone
·      Dry on cheeks
·      Larger pores on forehead, nose and chin


·      From dry to oily
·      Easily allergic to cosmetics, moisturizers and cleansers
·      May experience some redness
·      Itchy

If you are not sure about which skin type you are, I would like to invite you to my SECOND beauty workshop held on Sunday, August 26th, 2012 at The Park Chidlom condominium from 1-4pm. 


This past Monday, my first Beauty workshop, was a BLAST! My team and I had so much fun in sharing everything we know about skin and taught them how to look professional when going for work.

All guests who came to our workshop had a lot of fun during the skincare and cosmetics trial session and, they enjoyed listening to our Beauty experts. Even I learned new things! Unfortunately photos cannot be posted online due to no advertising purpose from the brand. Sorry :(

I hope this post has helped you in understanding your skin more and see you on my next post! 

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Monday, August 6, 2012


Every individual has his/her skin type from one another. Just like every one who has his/her own body shape, weight, height or skin color. Some people may have dry skin, oily skin or sensitive skin, or others may have acne. All of these common skin problems are caused by several factors but in the end, all skin types are mainly produced by two core reasons: diet and exercise. You just need to find the right combination for your own skin and body.

You should also start gaining knowledge, understanding how your skin works and which product works best for you. It’s never too late to start understanding your skin and body. 

Nobody knows your body better than yourself!
You just need a little bit of guidance to take the right path to better and healthy skin.

This is why this month I will dedicate myself in writing these Skincare basics entries to all my readers who have skin care problems, especially acne issues. 

There are the basics steps that every skin experts, doctors or makeup gurus would advise you to do. It’s just that some people tend to realize it later. But it’s okay, it’s never too late to treat them now!  

Not only that, I will be guiding you how to use products correctly and how to take care of your body in terms of diet.

Please note that I am no expert in this area but I have had acne problems since the age of 13.

Let me briefly tell you my little acne journey.
I have tried quite a lot of brands from drugstores to high-end brands for ten years. Some brands have worked in the short run and never turned better in the long run but some made it worse. I also have gone to dermatologists who would treat and extract my acne every week. But extractions have left scars mainly on my cheek areas. But there is one thing in my entire acne journey I have never tried was laser treatment for acne scars or known as Laser Skin Resurfacing. Let me take my aunt’s case. She was the one who tutored me during my high school time. Every week, she would come teach me with this huge summer straw hat on her head to cover her face. Her face was swollen and all red. I was disgusted. Since then, I never thought to ever try the Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment.

I’m still in the process of finding the right skincare regimen to better and healthy skin. For the past month, I have been away from blogging because I was introduced to this brand from my brother. I have been using it for a month now. I see positive results every day. Soon enough, you will know the brand! 

It’s just a matter of time and patience.
First off, you need to gain knowledge, understand the basics and apply them to your own case.

Why am I not telling you the brand now? This is because I believe that skincare products only do the small part of the job in the process of better and healthy skin. There are other greater factors that need to be added in the equation in order to reach your better and healthy skin. But let me share the obvious and common outcomes that are likely to happen from the readers/ consumers when the “experts” or “bloggers” mention or review a particular brand or product.

1.     The reader/consumer would instantly decide to buy the product mentioned for trial
2.     The reader/ consumer might look for alternatives that is closest to the one mentioned
3.     The reader/ consumer might just back off

For case #1 and #2, the reader/ consumer is likely to be “wasting” their money and is likely to regret the purchase.

This little introduction is to help prepare your mind for what will come this month in this blog. I’m very excited to share my knowledge and dedication in this area because I care for you and every one else who visit this blog for the first time.

To understand and take care of your skin and body is the first step to better and healthy skin. 
I don’t use the word “perfect” skin because I believe that nobody has the perfect skin. Every individual, even celebrities or super models or YOUR friends, doesn’t have perfect skin. Some people’s skin problem may not be seen as clearly as others.

This month of August is going to be a very exciting month! There will be a lot of things going on this month such as BEAUTY WORKSHOPS with me personally! And look forward to the first SKINCARE BASICS post soon!

to your friends, family, colleagues, anyone!!!!

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