Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Liese's new color : Antique Rose!

New Liese Hair Foam Colors were displayed at TOPS Supermarket the other day. I checked out the new colors a few times before I decided to try one. 
It was also the right time for me to change my hair color. For the past year, I tried to achieve a light golden hair without bleaching. But it was a totally failed... My hair looked unhealthy, dried and damaged.

I always love Liese Foam hair color products. It's so easy to do it yourself and the color range is quite varied. The price is reasonable too. So there is no doubt that I would go back to it :) 

Antique Rose (color name) drew my eyes right away. It's a dark purple/pink-ish tone. Just like the color name describes it. 

This time, my mom wanted to help me out dying my hair. We bought two boxes of Antique Rose because I thought that my hair is quite thick and long. But in the end, we only used one box. 

Below was taken at two different time. As you can see, the color darkens as time ticks. You are supposed to leave the product for no more than 25-30 min but I left it for 40 min because I want the color to be a bit lighter and long lasting..but that's a BAD advice XD 

Tip: leave the foam to cover up the entire head so that the color can last longer! and...don't leave it no more than 25-30 min! XD 

Below is before and after coloration. The before one (left): golden/orange color whereas on the after one (right): red/purple color.

Below was taken 3 weeks after my coloration. It becomes darker...darker red color. 

So what do you think? Kiss or Dis ? Let me hear your thoughts! 
Have you tried Liese new hair color range? :) 


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