Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Red Celebration Mood Board of the Month 2012!


FYI: mood board is a mix of inspirations that can be images or texts from the web or taken by yourself in real life and which you put them together into one page. This is great to present your own ideas and develop design concepts within the design team. 

FYI#2: While interning at Marie Claire magazine, I was asked to create my own mood board each month and present it to my supervisor about how I would feel and forecast next month theme. So I think this is great for me to do this as a monthly basis to keep myself up-to-date and hopefully inspire you all in some way. 

So here I'm presenting my mood board of the month! 

Theme: Red Celebration! 


Briefly the list of all pictures I selected for this month, includes sources I took them from:
  1. Jason Wu For Target collection > source: TargetStyle's twitter (@TargetStyle) and facebook
  2. Mellow Mayoness' blog and facebook page (mellowmayo.com)
  3. Fashionista.com
  4. Hahaha: the happy girls facebook page
  5. Australian Open 2012 facebook page
  6. Target.com
  7. The Chriselle Factor blog and facebook page 
  8. Kate Spade Thailand facebook page
  9. Tsubasa Masuwaka's blog 
  10. KANAME facebook page
  11. Chanel Couture 2012 fashion show > Fashionista.com
  12. Self photographed

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