Sunday, February 5, 2012

More Fashion Haul !

Last week, I felt more like wearing comfortable clothes but still stay stylish and girly :) 


- Shocking pink top: Giordano
- Denim short: CPS
- Bird patterned jacket: CPS


- Maroon fitted dress: Topshop
- Floral printed top: Topshop


- Beige v-neck top: MNG
- Pink skinny jeans: CPS
- Animal print scarf: Zara
- Necklaces: Forever XXI

OOTD #4:

- Maroon fitted dress: Topshop
- Bird patterned jacket: CPS
- Necklace: Forever XXI
- Oxford shoes: Central Department Store


- White top: Topshop
- High waist pants: Lyn Around
- Oxford shoes: Central Department Store

OOTD #6:

- White t-shirt: GAP
- Skinny jeans: Uniqlo
- Necklaces: Forever XXI

OOTD #7:

- Boyfriend T-shirt: MNG
- Beige biker jacket: B + Ab (HK brand)
- Skinny jeans: Uniqlo
- Ankle boots: Zara
- Animal Prints Scarf: Zara
- Necklace: Forever XXI

Lastly, I want to share some more clothes I bought last week. OMG.... yes I can't help buying more clothes! And guess what...I'm still going to buy some more this month!!! My wallet is going to BLEED harder!!! T^T

So that black dress is from Topshop just like that maroon dress I've been wearing for the past week. I'm lucky enough to find the size before it goes sold out! As we all know, black dresses are the most demanding and so is size 6 (UK size)! Thank gosh! ...I'm still thinking to buy some more fitted dresses from Topshop XD I want that floral one! :p

GAP white t-shirt is great!! Love it! And it's only 490baht! Right now, there is a promotion period for these 'favorite GAP t-shirt'. So if you're looking for good quality and cheap t-shirt, check out GAP stores now! :D 

Finally, I couldn't resist but buy moreeee SOCKS! There are quite cheap in Topshop! Plus 10% discounts for students all week and 15% discounts on wednesday only, MUST BUY! XD 


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