Monday, February 6, 2012

Look of The Day - Minty Green

Today I was inspired by the color - minty green. I totally forgot that I own this simple minty green top and i just had to wear today to uni ^^

I'm not really sure where i bought this top from but pretty sure I didn't buy it in Thailand.

The inspiration came from the newest Popteen March issue. Kumicky chan worn an oversize minty green top, light brown shorts and black heels.
(Please see the Inspiration picture below, Kumicky chan inspiration is bottom right picture)

Minty Green top - don't remember
Blazer - Sister's :p
Black shorts - Lyn Around
Pink polka dot socks - BBW (HK)
Black heels - Central Chidlom Department Store
Bow bag - from Sister's
Necklaces - Forever XXI

Since i just came back from uni, i needed to hydrate myself by having some fresh orange juice and green tea! Plus, i couldn't resist to get my favorite delicious egg tart from KFC! Yummy~~!

P.S: I'm testing Blogger app on my iphone right now and hoping that the final entry will come out good. If this turns out good, i shall use this app more regularly! :D

Until next time, take care!
Happy Monday!


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