Sunday, June 10, 2012

OOTD: New Accessory goodies!

Good morning gals! 

I'd like to share some of OOTD and new accessory goodies I just got last week :) Check out the pictures below and the lists of where I got them. Enjoy! 

  • Denim shirt: Stradivarius 
  • Floral skirt: Bershka
  • Necklace: ForeverXXI
  • White bangle: ForeverXXI 
  • Brown bracelet with studs: A cool shop in Terminal 21 
  • Watch: Michael Kors MK-5412
Last week, a high school friend of mine just came back from the US and I asked her to help me buy some cool accessories from this hand made online shop on, Helloberry, inc. Isn't it a cute name? I shall make a post about that shop separately in the future. 

The new bracelet you see from the picture above is the coral orange attached with a piece of chain. I also got it in green :D It's pretty cool and light! 

If you wonder about the shop, here is the link: 

I also took a picture of my new book I just bought last week, The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. To tell the truth, I've heard about this author a lot plus I've loved The Notebook and A Walk to Remember movie but I never thought about buying the books. I should probably find some time to watch The Last Song too. Anyway so the main reason I bought this book was because last week was my first week interning at Olgivy & Mather (Thailand) agency in the Olgivy Action department. My first few days of work were pretty much boring so I couldn't just sit there with my iPhone and do nothing. So I thought a novel would be nice to kill time XD As I reached the end of the book, I started to cry! (thank gosh I read the last part at home!) I would definitely buy the other books in the future when I have more free time. 

This is today's OOTD! 
Sorry I didn't take pictures of last weeks outfits. It was a very tiring week for me >.< 

  • White shirt: h&m (Hong Kong) 
  • Pink shorts: bought in Platinum 
  • My new green bag! : workshop (It's a Thai designer shop that is affordable, I bought this bag yesterday when I was in Pattaya with my uni friends) 
  • Watch: Michael Kors MK-5412
  • Pyramids bracelet in cream: ForeverXXI
  • Peach Smoothie bracelet: Helloberry Inc 
  • New spiky bracelet! : Topshop (this was also bought yesterday in Pattaya)
  • Other 4 small bracelets in pink/pearls: Accessorize Thailand 
That's it for this post! Stay alert as I will be posting another entry soon about my new makeup routine that includes my new BB creams! I'm so in love with them!! 

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Benefit Powder Lip Glosses

Hi beautiful gals! 

I just wanted to share this little info I just found out today from another Beauty website, BellaSugar. Since the day I bought my very first Benefit product two weeks ago, the Porefessional, I already fell in love with the brand! 
My next purchase, if it ever happens, will definitely be the BLUSHES!! 
There is something about these Benefit blushes that makes me want to try them on but never dare to literally BUY one XD 
  1. The high rating given from many Youtube makep gurus
  2. The square-shaped box that provides a cute little brush and a mirror 
  3. The color selections! 
Before my hands get on these blushes on time, Benefit Cosmetics has already planned something even more tastier than ever! When I mean "tasty" means lip glosses! Not just any lip glosses random names selection but these new products are going to be based on/inspired by their most popular and best sellers.... wait for it.....BLUSHES! XD 

Let me show you some pictures I took from BellaSugar on how awesome and most wanting lip glosses are! 

Please go to the link below to get better pictures and info because, obviously, these are not mine.....

Check out the picture below if any of you is in the USA this weekend! You get first hand Benefit Powder lip glosses before the launching day! 
If you're the lucky one, please share/ post a picture with the lip glosses either here on my blog or on Facebook page! I'd love to see it :] 

Please check out this blogger (Link), she seems to have gotten all the lip glosses in advance! Awesome pictures of swatches of each powder-inspired! 

So, don't forget to share/post pictures with these new goodies with us! :D 

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Have a good evening and see you gals on my next post! 

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Introduction to Lioele BB Creams: BB creams more suitable for the Summer?

Good morning everyone!

As we just entered in to a new month, I bought new Beauty products to try out for this Summer! And gosh, we are already half way of 2012! Time terribly flies ><

So this is going to be a little introduction post of Lioele BB Creams and may consider to look for BB Creams for this Summer :) 

If you guys have been reading my blog, my makeup routine would start with my Lancome Blanc Maqui Foundation. It's a brand new Lancome foundation (Link1Link2) specially for Asian skins and adapted for the weather too :) I love this foundation as it gives an even and light-full coverage. Also, it reduces the redness of my acne.

Anyway, let's get down to the 2 new BB Creams i bought yesterday. I heard this brand, Lioele, a Korean Beauty brand, from a Youtube Makeup Guru, MissGlamorazzi. She visited Thailand couple months ago and she made a video haul of things she bought in Bangkok. In that video, she mentioned these two BB Creams: Lioele Beyond the solution (white/pink tube) and Water Drops BB Cream (blue tube).

Since then, MissGlamorazzi has been mentioning these products on her videos. She especially praises a lot about the Water Drops BB Cream as it is a lighter BB cream and suitable for hot/humid weather countries. So it definitely tempted me to try them although i had bad experience with the well-known SKIN79 BB cream. I find them too thick, heavy and gray on me.

Not only MissGlamorazzi been mentioning these Lioele BB Creams but some other makeup gurus I've been following on Youtube talk about it: Holly-Annaeree, Jen from and Eki chan from

I would definitely recommend you guys to find or use (if you already have) a light-weight foundation for the summer.

Try to achieve a healthy and glowy looking face!

My Lancome foundation is totally the opposite. I love how it gives me a very matte finish but my face looks dry and unhealthy. Plus, it actually shows my post-acne scars more.

On MissGlamorazzi's Thailand video haul, she mentioned that she bought Lioele products at Watson in Bangkok. But it took me a while to find them for some reasons. It's strange that I couldn't find at Watson in Central World branch and the one that is near Amari on Ratchaprasong road but so far as I know, I found them at Watson Siam Square branch. 

Before I get down to the overlook of the new products, I just want to point out the prices and size I picked. 
Please note that Watson is currently on SALE and the prices I give below are the SALE price. I'm not sure how long the sale would last for this brand though. 

Lioele Beyond the solution (white/pink tube): Baht 272 for 30mL
  • I bought this in 30mL (travel size) because when I tried the product on my skin at the shop yesterday, the product looked more gray than the Water Drop one. I still wanted to try out this bb cream so I picked the travel size. 

Lioele Water Drop BB (blue tube): Baht 467 for 50mL
  • This bb cream only has the full size but I hope it won't let me down! 

Quick overlook of Lioele BB Creams. 

If you look at the picture above, I had given swatches of both BB creams. In reality, both look gray on my my skin. But as I blend them, they both blend well onto my skin tone. 

My first quick impression of these products is that the Lioele Water Drop BB Cream feels lighter and less thick as I blend the product on my hand. Funny thing about the Lioele Water Drop BB cream is that as I squeeze the product out on to my hand, there is a slight water drop that comes out with the product. I wonder if it's meant to do that or I may need to shake the tube before using? Can you see a small white drop on the last picture above? That is a water drop! But it definitely showed me how waterproof the product is though XD 

Please check out my most favorite Youtube makeup guru if you're interested and don't forget to subscribe them! 
Also, please check out Eki chan's blog:

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and have a good long weekend! 

Until next post, 
take care!