Sunday, June 10, 2012

OOTD: New Accessory goodies!

Good morning gals! 

I'd like to share some of OOTD and new accessory goodies I just got last week :) Check out the pictures below and the lists of where I got them. Enjoy! 

  • Denim shirt: Stradivarius 
  • Floral skirt: Bershka
  • Necklace: ForeverXXI
  • White bangle: ForeverXXI 
  • Brown bracelet with studs: A cool shop in Terminal 21 
  • Watch: Michael Kors MK-5412
Last week, a high school friend of mine just came back from the US and I asked her to help me buy some cool accessories from this hand made online shop on, Helloberry, inc. Isn't it a cute name? I shall make a post about that shop separately in the future. 

The new bracelet you see from the picture above is the coral orange attached with a piece of chain. I also got it in green :D It's pretty cool and light! 

If you wonder about the shop, here is the link: 

I also took a picture of my new book I just bought last week, The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. To tell the truth, I've heard about this author a lot plus I've loved The Notebook and A Walk to Remember movie but I never thought about buying the books. I should probably find some time to watch The Last Song too. Anyway so the main reason I bought this book was because last week was my first week interning at Olgivy & Mather (Thailand) agency in the Olgivy Action department. My first few days of work were pretty much boring so I couldn't just sit there with my iPhone and do nothing. So I thought a novel would be nice to kill time XD As I reached the end of the book, I started to cry! (thank gosh I read the last part at home!) I would definitely buy the other books in the future when I have more free time. 

This is today's OOTD! 
Sorry I didn't take pictures of last weeks outfits. It was a very tiring week for me >.< 

  • White shirt: h&m (Hong Kong) 
  • Pink shorts: bought in Platinum 
  • My new green bag! : workshop (It's a Thai designer shop that is affordable, I bought this bag yesterday when I was in Pattaya with my uni friends) 
  • Watch: Michael Kors MK-5412
  • Pyramids bracelet in cream: ForeverXXI
  • Peach Smoothie bracelet: Helloberry Inc 
  • New spiky bracelet! : Topshop (this was also bought yesterday in Pattaya)
  • Other 4 small bracelets in pink/pearls: Accessorize Thailand 
That's it for this post! Stay alert as I will be posting another entry soon about my new makeup routine that includes my new BB creams! I'm so in love with them!! 

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  1. nice watch ! is it rosegold or gold ?
    I'm searching a gold one but can't find it anywhere :/