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Every individual has his/her skin type from one another. Just like every one who has his/her own body shape, weight, height or skin color. Some people may have dry skin, oily skin or sensitive skin, or others may have acne. All of these common skin problems are caused by several factors but in the end, all skin types are mainly produced by two core reasons: diet and exercise. You just need to find the right combination for your own skin and body.

You should also start gaining knowledge, understanding how your skin works and which product works best for you. It’s never too late to start understanding your skin and body. 

Nobody knows your body better than yourself!
You just need a little bit of guidance to take the right path to better and healthy skin.

This is why this month I will dedicate myself in writing these Skincare basics entries to all my readers who have skin care problems, especially acne issues. 

There are the basics steps that every skin experts, doctors or makeup gurus would advise you to do. It’s just that some people tend to realize it later. But it’s okay, it’s never too late to treat them now!  

Not only that, I will be guiding you how to use products correctly and how to take care of your body in terms of diet.

Please note that I am no expert in this area but I have had acne problems since the age of 13.

Let me briefly tell you my little acne journey.
I have tried quite a lot of brands from drugstores to high-end brands for ten years. Some brands have worked in the short run and never turned better in the long run but some made it worse. I also have gone to dermatologists who would treat and extract my acne every week. But extractions have left scars mainly on my cheek areas. But there is one thing in my entire acne journey I have never tried was laser treatment for acne scars or known as Laser Skin Resurfacing. Let me take my aunt’s case. She was the one who tutored me during my high school time. Every week, she would come teach me with this huge summer straw hat on her head to cover her face. Her face was swollen and all red. I was disgusted. Since then, I never thought to ever try the Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment.

I’m still in the process of finding the right skincare regimen to better and healthy skin. For the past month, I have been away from blogging because I was introduced to this brand from my brother. I have been using it for a month now. I see positive results every day. Soon enough, you will know the brand! 

It’s just a matter of time and patience.
First off, you need to gain knowledge, understand the basics and apply them to your own case.

Why am I not telling you the brand now? This is because I believe that skincare products only do the small part of the job in the process of better and healthy skin. There are other greater factors that need to be added in the equation in order to reach your better and healthy skin. But let me share the obvious and common outcomes that are likely to happen from the readers/ consumers when the “experts” or “bloggers” mention or review a particular brand or product.

1.     The reader/consumer would instantly decide to buy the product mentioned for trial
2.     The reader/ consumer might look for alternatives that is closest to the one mentioned
3.     The reader/ consumer might just back off

For case #1 and #2, the reader/ consumer is likely to be “wasting” their money and is likely to regret the purchase.

This little introduction is to help prepare your mind for what will come this month in this blog. I’m very excited to share my knowledge and dedication in this area because I care for you and every one else who visit this blog for the first time.

To understand and take care of your skin and body is the first step to better and healthy skin. 
I don’t use the word “perfect” skin because I believe that nobody has the perfect skin. Every individual, even celebrities or super models or YOUR friends, doesn’t have perfect skin. Some people’s skin problem may not be seen as clearly as others.

This month of August is going to be a very exciting month! There will be a lot of things going on this month such as BEAUTY WORKSHOPS with me personally! And look forward to the first SKINCARE BASICS post soon!

to your friends, family, colleagues, anyone!!!!

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DISCLAIMER: For future SKINCARE BASICS posts, I’m not paid to write them. I bought all products, personally unless stated. 

See you soon!


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