Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eye Makeup Inspired by Ayumi Hamasaki

Good evening! 

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Yesterday, I posted on my Instagram account my new Eye makeup look! It's actually an old makeup look I did last year but I kept having comments from friends and family that it looks too heavy. 

I guess I had a lot of skin problems back then like acne, post acne, high pigmentation. To be honest, my skin wasn't fun to play with. It wasn't the perfect 'canvas' to apply makeup on :/ But now its been a year, I have found the right products to REALLY help me brighten up my skin and CONTROL my acne issue. I have to say that my skin has REALLY got whitened in just a month! These products really work! If you're interested to know what I'm talking about, 



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Now down to some pictures of my new eye makeup :) 

I honestly don't mind my natural double eyelids. I can do 5min makeup or natural makeup with it. But since yesterday, I wanted to play around with my 'new' face canvas :) This time, it takes LESS TIME to do my face. 

Let me give you quick steps of my new makeup look:


After I'm done applying my skincare products all over my face, I start sticking my double eyelids tape on each eye. If any end corners of the tape needs extra glue to stick, I would use my eyelashes glue. 

Then I need to apply some concealer on my under eyes circles and acne that appear red. 

Next, I use my brand new powder foundation with their sponge to cover up my entire face. 

I apply my favorite eye primer on top of my tapes to let the primer dry before I do my eye makeup. 

While waiting, I define my eyebrows with a brown color eye shadow and angled brush.

Then I do my cheeks. I would pick a nice pink/violet or just light orange cheek blush for a natural look.


I mix a matte brown eye shadow with a gold shimmer eye shadow together. 

I apply on the entire lids both colors. Make sure that the color goes a bit over the new crease I have created.

I apply more that same matte brown shadow to my new crease to create more depth.

Tightline my eyes with a dark brown pencil eyeliner. Make sure I connect the top and bottom line at the end corners of my eyes. Note: I only line half way of my bottom eyes. 

Line my eyes with liquid eyeliner in black to set that pencil eyeliner. 

Curl my lashes and coat them with mascara

Cut a set of eyelashes to have demi-lashes then glue each half on the end of the each eye. 

Set your bottom pencil eyeliners with that same brown matte eyeshadow and your black liquid eyeliner. 

Use a highligh color of your choice to apply on the inner corners of each eye

Finally apply your favorite lipgloss :) 

TA DAAAA!!!!!!!!!! 

Below is Ayumi Hamasaki. MY idol. She's got this beautiful timeless glowy look. It's been many years since she's been wearing this look. It's like her signature look. She's the perfect admiration and inspiration. A strong, powerful, cute, lovely and beautiful woman I ever known. 

What most attract me in her is her eyes. That is why I try, try, and try to create her eyes. I have watched tons of inspired look videos on Youtube but I can't seem to do it right... but yesterday I got it right! Very happy with my new look :) 
I cannot wait to recreate it tomorrow and the day after tomorrow! This time I will have bottom lashes too! :D 

Since now I was able to create something new, I was thinking to record this look ONCE I get my NEW HAIRCUT :D 

Let me know if you cannot wait to see this new look AND my new haircut! :D 

See you soon and take care!


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  1. That eye make looks nice on you~ Cute blog btw~ ^v^ Take care, sweetie~