Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Practice Gratitude Daily

I feel like when i'm stepping up in my adulthood, I want different things in life and I also think differently. I want to be able to move out from my parents' home fast. I want to be able to travel to countries I love or never been before. I want to be able to pay my phone bills and other little necessities I need daily. It's all about money now. Every day I have to think about... how much I'm going to spend, for what reasons and why do i want to spend on that particular thing. 

Isn't it funny ? When we were young, we don't worry much about money. All you focused on were school, grades and friends. After I received my bachelor degree, I sorta drifted apart from my friends. Some have gone abroad to study more and some are busy at their first jobs. So it's difficult to find times for each other now. In a good way, I get to focus more on myself. Learn how to take care of myself without relying too much on others. I try to give my best performance to my boss every day. 

I guess what i'm trying to do on this post is to write my THANK YOU/GRATITUDE notes. As you have noticed, last week was Thanksgiving festive in the USA and I follow a lot of Youtube celebrities on Instagram and on Youtube. So last week was all about Thansgiving. One of them posted on their instagram a very cute pink note book in which she plans to practice gratitude daily. It's actually a good way to see your life in a different perspective. I will definitely buy a book for next year !

REMEMBER the book 100 ways of happiness book I bought last month? It also told the readers to practice gratitude. I will write more about it in the future. 

Gratitude #1:

This week started off pretty good. I get to meet my neighbor as well as my first friend I made when I moved in Bangkok many years ago. She is also a good friend of my boss too. We had a nice lunch together at a small Japanese stall. All I could see is laugh and happy faces the entire lunch break. Something I would never forget. She is actually the person who helped me find this job. And I'm very grateful for her gesture. THANK YOU! <3

Doesn't it look yummy? I ordered some Dragon Roll, my favorite dish :) And the chef was very sweet to give us some free Tuna! THANK YOU CHEF!

Gratitude #2:

On that same day, we had special visitors from Japan. They were so cute to give us presents from Japan! Any one have ever heard of TWNROOM before? Apparently it just recently opened in Shibuya 109. The dress and the skirt are so cute! I look forward to see more of their clothes when I visit Japan again! :D I had a nice time with the two Japanese girls! They were so cute! ^^ I'm grateful to get to know them as well as I can improve my Japanese! THANK YOU! 

Gratitude #3: 

As I always say about my boss, she is very nice and relaxed person. But I have also seen her very angry and it can be scary hahaha But last week, she surprised me by giving me this pink bracelet with a head skull as an early christmas present. And also got a handbag designed by her! It was very cute and sweet of her!! THANK YOU!!! 

Gratitude #4:

This might sound weird for some of you but I'm grateful for being healthy and happy. Since I started working with my boss, I feel happy and enjoy life in my own way. I don't go party nor drink like crazy. I'm more of a home person. I like to watch series, browse through magazine or listen to music. My neighbor also noticed that I look happy. And that is definitely a good sign! But here is the funny part, even though I'm grateful for being healthy and happy, the picture below was taken when I was sick last week. BUT! I look healthy and happy :) 

Finally, I would like to share the picture below to hope to inspire some of you: 

Have a beautiful day everyone :)


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