Sunday, January 13, 2013

Slice-of-my-life: Reflection

Hi everyone, 

I know I disappeared for 2 months. So sorry for the lack of updates. I guess since I started taking my day job seriously, I forgot about myself. Plus, since new year, i got sick for 2 weeks and I'm still slowly recovering from it. So my year 2013 didn't start good but if you think on the bright side, I tell myself that it's a sign for a successful and exciting year :) 

This may be boring to some of you but I decided to use this blog to also reflect about my personal life, not entirely my private life but just a part of it where I can share and hopefully connect with you. 
I have to admit that becoming an adult is harder than I thought. I must find a healthy balance between, work, family and myself. 

Working for a company, you help the owner to achieve their dreams to a great extent. You always have to think about how to make their brand popular, reach the right target and succeed. During all this time, i realized how hard it is to find time for your own self compare to school life. You have to figure out how to build a strong and positive relationship with your boss, co-workers and external clients too. It's all about working hard on your attitude and behaviors. Anything unprofessional and immature, your image and reputation go down very fast. People start to take you as a joke and disrespect you. 

Not only that, family is also a big part of adulthood. Since my brother moved out of our home to build his own family, my mom is relying a lot on me lately. FIY, at my home, we are taught to do household work since we are young. All of that 'daughter's responsibilities are also driving me crazy. Once I do something wrong, my mom goes real upset and puts more pressure on me. 

So...all that working life and daughter's duties are taking all my time, I barely have time for myself. Yes, I still go workout with my co-worker after work but I don't have time to reflect and think over and over about my day. Usually when I work out after work, I go home around 9pm. When I get home, I like to surf on the web or watching some of my favorite band's concert to release my stress or watch some TV series. All that 2-3 hours time killed just flew by. I also find a hard time to drag myself to shower and get ready to bed haha this is my routine so far and I hate it but I can't help since I feel so pressured everyday >.< 

Since new year, I haven't thought a lot about my new year resolution too. I'm not quite sure how to get all my messy things settled down. But I hope that things will get better somehow. I just keep trying my best to look for the light at the end of this hell tunnel... 

This is going to be my motivational quote!

I want to show that I'm trying my best every day! 
I will do all my best every day!

I also haven't been active on my Instagram lately. But I already took some pictures of my OTTD. I make sure to post them soon! Stay tuned!

Until now, if you want to share anything with me or leave a comment would be nice! :) 

Hope everyone been enjoying 2013!


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