Monday, January 23, 2012

Shop Till I Almost Dropped!

Last Saturday, I shopped a lot!! Especially yesterday! Since I got some red envelopes, I just wanted to spend some more to get ready for Spring!

The first top right picture is from MNG! MNG has its new collection since last week! It was just too tempting to not spend a few on it ^^
So I got this new stripes top. I love the details like the gold buttons and yellow stripes.
I also got this creamy oversize shirt. It’s a V-neck one. To be honest, I don’t own a lot of white or creamy tops so I had to collect some while I have money XD What’s special about this top is that it’s almost like a ‘boyfriend’ shirt. The sleeves, in particular, make it more masculine.

TODAY, I spent a few more of my CNY money at Topshop XD I love this red fitted dress. I can definitely go layer with this dress. I don’t like fitted dress all the way. Personally, it’s uncomfortable. Plus, if I want to go girly and ‘kawaii’, this loose bottom part is great! :D
I got two tops of different patterns. Like I said, I don’t have a lot of white tops XD So here I am! A must-have in my wardrobe! White tops can just go with anything!
The other black floral top is lovely! Sadly, I have to admit that at the sleeves part, it’s a bit big than I thought. So you can see my bra…but I thought of a solution! Fashion Tape!! XD
Lastly but not least, I had to buy at least a pair of SOCKS! This one is adorable!!! It has bows of different pastels colors!! And the price is ‘quite’ lovely too XD 250 baht! Topshop has a variety of cute socks, so check it out! :D

My shopping day could not end without stopping by Forever 21! I like Forever 21 necklaces only! The rest of the store doesn’t appeal to me at all. It’s too cheap for me. It failed my expectations from my last purchased 2 years ago. Sorry :/

Their rings also disappointed me. I cannot stand those objects that smell funny like the ones I bought before smelled like metals (duh!) after I sweat (ewww!) Sorry but this is something that I cannot stand. >.< But their necklaces are cute XD I mean look at the details from these necklaces!

Minnie Mouse Maybe?

My first thoughts of this look were actually to experiment more with this red polka dots shirt. The more kawaii I wanted to be, the more I turned into a Disney character, according to my friend T^T oh well I guess that’s kawaii haha XD

Red Polka Dots/ White Collar: CPS
Black shorts: Lyn Around

**Tip#1: pair with black stocking (high over knees) for more kawaii look.
**Tip#2: It’s great to have a sweet touch with black lace and tie it like a bow.

Chillin’ and Stripes

I like to have a day to just wear comfortable clothes. Stockings and a long shirt are the best combination to relax, comfy but still stay stylish.

Floral Stripes Shirt: Stradivarius
Black stockings: Central Department store
Oversize jacket: from my sister XD
Ankle boots in brown: Zara

**Tip#1: Leggings are our best friends! They go with anything long (usually reach to cover enough your bottom)
**Tip#2: Go with flats if you want to be more comfy on a Sunday
**Tip#3: Satchel bags instead of a handbag, this was just my personal preference

Thai working women inspiration

I think this title suit best what I want to portray. During my internship at Marie Claire (Thailand), all Thai working women in the Fashion department was wearing something to what I’m wearing here. They like to wear something long and loose at the bottom and wear something comfy rather than fit on your body at the top.

White t-shirt: from my sister :p
Long polka dots skirt in dark green with belt: Shibuya 109

**Tip#1: If you want to wear this look for work, go with high heels and close at the front. But if you’re planning to see some friends or go shopping, I would prefer flats or small heels for comfy.
**Tip#2: Skinny belts are great to accentuate and divide your waist. Don’t forget that!

Simply Shopping

I can’t think of what I can call this look. But I went shopping on that day and I was happy XD

Pink top: from my sister
Black shorts: Lyn Around
Grey stockings: Accessorize
Black ankle boots: Central Department store

**Tip#1: I love to tuck in my top inside my skirt/pants/shorts. This helps to elongate my body. Another advantage of that is because I, myself, have long legs (and skinny legs) and I’m only 160cm, so it’s great to show off my legs to make others think I’m tall XD
**Tip2: High waist shorts are also great to make you look tall. But make sure that the shorts still cover your bottom cheeks!!!
**Tip#3: If you feel that you’re showing too much skin at the bottom, go with stockings of creamy color. Sometimes wearing any dark color socks can be too exaggerating. If you want to be more discrete, go with soft/ lighter colors.

Red Dragon

I wanted to play with the red color for this year’s Chinese New Year.

Pink shirt: CPS
Red Skinny pants: Bershka
Red belt: from Japan
Rose Golden Necklace: from my friends for my birthday

**Tip#1: Try to layer different color of red but don’t over layer!
**Tip#2: As for shoes, I went with simple brown oxfords.
**Tip#3: As for makeup, I went neutral eyeshadows but had red/orange lips.

Pink means Passion

You might have noticed that I’ve worn this pink shirt quite often for the past week. I love simple shirts. They go with anything. A small detail like a collar can make the entire look formal.

Pink shirt: CPS
Black shorts: Lyn Around
Clutch: Zara

**Tip#1: Accessorize the look. Example, wear long necklace to elongate your chest.
**Tip#2: In terms of layering, you can wear a tank top inside and wear another cropped blazer outside. It’s just too hot in Thailand to layer more than 2 >.<

From Day to Night

I prefer to keep down my ‘kawaii’ style outside of university/campus. There are several reasons to not show or wear at Thai universities so I like to wear cardigans to cover up some parts. Then when I’m out elsewhere, I would go back with my ‘kawaii’ style.

Black cardigan: Uniqlo
Blue collar shirt: CPS
Pink pleated skirt: Shibuya 109
Brown Oxfords shoes: Central Department store

Blue collar shirt: CPS
Pink pleated skirt: Shibuya 109
Black stockings: unknown XD I don’t remember :p
Black heels: Central Department store

**Tip#1: I’m not sure if you can see on the pictures but I tied a nice bow on my shirt for a sweet touch
**Tip#2: If you don’t want to go with black stockings, you can wear short socks that have cute patterns on it. Dark color socks can do. For cute patterned socks, stop by any Topshop stores.

Otona Kawaii (translation: Cute Adult)

LAST OOTD for this week XD Oh my gosh I didn’t realize I took a lot of OOTD! XD This is my favorite look of the week! Cute! Feminine! Flirty! Sexy too! XD

Black cardigan: CPS
Rabbit patterned skirt: from Japan
Black stockings: from Japan
High heels: Aldo

**Tip#1: If you want to go completely feminine, go with pencil skirt. Beige more preferably.
**Tip#2: Small details like this pearly necklace can turn the look very feminine.


I have to share this adorable assembled of chocolate in those dim sum boxes!!! Yes, adorable and very creative!! My parents got these from their Singaporean friend! Not only cute but delicious! Yummy~!

Until then, everyone, enjoy CNY celebration!


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