Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year 2012!! 

How was your new years eve celebration? 

I celebrated with my loving high school friends at this fabulous hotel, owned by one of my high friend :) We stayed at one of the penthouse of 2 floors and an awesome balcony with jacuzzi for us to watch the fireworks around Bangkok. It was just beautiful and great feelings to celebrate such a big day of the year with your friends. But we were all disappointed with the fireworks. It was short and ended unexpectedly :/ 
Since I came back from Japan, my style quite changed since then or perhaps, just improved :) I was well inspired by the young people there. I realize that looking through Japanese magazines is way beyond reality. You have to see real fashion through your own eyes. But I know I can still improve my style if I keep visiting Japan in the near future :) 
Let me briefly tell you about Japan, if you haven't been there yet: clean, cute!, friendly and very fashionable people (especially in Tokyo, very inspirational). In terms of food, I have to say Bangkok's Japanese food are better XD I guess we try to adjust the food to be more tasteful. Please don't feel offended >.< Maybe that's because my friend and I just entered to random restaurants, we just wanted to have food XD 

Alright, let's get down to some OOTDs :D 

1) New Years Eve Outfit: Sweet Pink New Year Eve Celebration

Pink Pleated Skirt with beige bow belt: a shop from Shibuya 109, Japan
Glittery Knitted Top: Zara
Fur Collar: Shibuya 109, Japan
Floral socks in beige: BBW
Ankle Boots: Zara

2) Day One Twenty Twelve

Top: Shibuya 109
Rabbit pattern skirt: a shop in Namba Walk underground shopping in Osaka
Ankle boots: Zara

3) Day Two Twenty Twelve

Top: CPS (local Thai brand)
 Rabbit pattern skirt: Namba Walk, Osaka
Knee High Socks in brown: a shop in Yokohama station
Ankle Boots: Zara

4) Some more OOTDs before and after new year :)

T-shirt in grey: bought at my favorite band live concert :)
Pleated Denim Skirt: CPS (local brand in Thailand)
Ankle Boots: Zara

White shirt: H&M
Long polka dots skirt in turquoise with brown belt: Shibuya 109
White flats: local Thai brand

Bow Dress in brown: Shibuya 109
White flats: local Thai brand

That's it! As you can see, I have been wearing a lot of clothes from Japan. I love Shibuya 109! It's cheap and CUTE! CHO KAWAII DA YO! I would never get bored of that building but I can be very picky with my style. I love dolly and kawaii! But it must also be comfortable :) I wish i could go back to Japan at least twice a year during mid season XD 

A little observation: I walked around Siam Square yesterday with a friend. I looked at the clothes here in Thailand and compared them with the ones in Shibuya 109 and I'm very sad and disappointed of quality of clothes in Bangkok :/ It's too cheap but I understand that the quality and the price really match....I wish I could bring some Jap brands to Bangkok like what just happened in Singapore! I'm so jealous! >o<"

Alright, before I end this longggg post, I want to share my...

New year resolutions 2012! 

To be a better person ! 

Get more fit! Work out at least 2-3 times a week! Gambarimasu! 

Take care of my skin more and more! 

Find an internship or a job before summer! 

Blog, blog, blog!! 

Go to Japan! 

I will try my best this year! :D 

Tell me, what's your new year resolutions? 


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