Thursday, September 22, 2011

Best OOTD September Week Three PART TWO!


This is PART TWO of this third week of this month :)

More and more inspirations for you guys in styling outfit, hair and makeup. I get most of my inspirations from Japanese fashion magazines, mainly from PopSister. 
Here is the official website of PopSister (in Japanese) to check it out what kind of magazine I read: or you can check out scanned pictures from my favorite lovely Eki chan:

Let me briefly introduce you guys PopSister as this magazine is my primary inspiration guide to my every day lifestyle. I constantly go back to old issues to get inspirations when I'm not sure what to wear on that day. 

The edition above was their first year anniversary since the launch of PopSister. It's a monthly gal-shibuya-kei orientated fashion magazine. PopSister is sorta the "older sister" of the youngest and long time Popteen magazine which Popteen's target market is mainly under 20s. PopSister mainly aims for early 20s and above. 
Models include exclusivelyTsubasa Masuwaka, Yui Kanno, Kana Hoshino, Wei Son, Tomoko Higushi, Jun Komori and Eri Aoki. These models also appear on Popteen too. 

I started off with Popteen for a couple of months before I knew PopSister through the ads in Popteen. The structure, layout and feeling of these two magazines are almost the same. One particular thing I like about PopSister is not just for the style that fits more for my age but the quality of the paper is thicker....less fragile XD 

Anyway I like PopSister because it has my favorite inspirational models: Tsubasa Masuwaka, Yui Kanno, Kana Hoshino and Wei Son. Sadly I wish Kumicky chan from Popteen could be on PopSister >.< she's just adorable XD 

So now you guys know why I dress up like this XD Alright, down to my Best OOTD!

OOTD #1: What I love about that day is my hair. With the thickness and straightness of my natural hair, it's very difficult to make a bun like this. The day before that, I curled my hair and so I took this chance to have a bun the next day. That's the only way I can play around with my hair when it's curled >.<

OOTD #2: This simple and soft outfit was worn on a nice sunny Sunday. I missed wearing simple top like this one. I love the color and so I tried to be creative by having this polka dot short skirt. As short as it was, I needed to wear legging in grey >.< Sundays, I like to keep my hair and makeup simple and neat. Soft and no brown eyeshadow gives a nice innocent look. As creative as I was on that day, I used my favorite rose necklace as my BELT ! XD Just to show little curve around my waist XD

OOTD #3: Ok, there is a reason why I placed Snow White on this picture LOL My initial inspirational thought was the FRENCH FLAG! LOL but when I went to class on that day, I was called by my classmate: SNOW WHITE = =""" So i guess that was a positive compliment? though I didn't think of that at the first place XD 

To end this entry for this week, I would like to give a little update of my double eyelid maker. It's almost a month now I've been wearing them and I really like having bigger double eyelids :p But recently I noticed a soft pink mark on each side of my eyelid. It does sorta hurt when I remove them but it doesn't cause a lot of problems. I guess it's just getting used to it? :/

Alright, I'm off! Hope these Best OOTD can be helpful to some of you! 

Take care,

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