Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Goodbye PopSister, Hello to October!

Hello everyone!

Today's entry will be all about my last week of BEST OOTD of the week in September and the first week of October :) 

I categorized my BEST OOTD in themes so you guys can see and get inspired by the way I use the same specific item but style it differently. 

Let's start it off with Dolly Pinky Girl <3

OOTD #1: my favorite of that week was my eye makeup inspired by retro-style inspiration from PopSister August issue. 

I used the Make Up Forever Eye Seal and Urban Decay Green eye shadow to do the eyeliner as I don't have a green pencil eyeliner. I also worn falsies to give more volume to my eyelashes.

OOTD #2: this pink lacey top is from my mother XD I was very inspired by PopSister models when they use simple unique jackets as a simple top. I completed my look with my new pair of jeans from Uniqlo, cost only Baht490!!!! unbelievable!!! But I'm more in LOVE with this pink top ! :) 

OOTD #3: today I finally get to wear this lovely lacey top again. This time, I decided to go very girly but smart too :) So I wore my fake glasses in purple and braided my hair. The little pink bow was inspired by PopSister models too! 

The next three best OOTD are more boy-ish and very weekend-like inspiration. Because plaid (or check pattern) is a key piece for this Fall 2011, I tried to mix and match what I can do with this simple item. I honestly never worn nor liked plaid patterns as it is very boy-ish. But I dared myself to try it out again and I'm so in LOVE with it XD 
FYI: this plaid shirt is from Uniqlo too. The material of this shirt is quite thick so it's quite hot to wear this shirt here in Bangkok >.< 

Next theme: Casual Plaid Girl 

OOTD#4: This was my very first time to wear a plaid shirt and I decided to play around and see what's best to fit with this kind of top. Because this shirt keeps you too warm on this hot weather of Bangkok, I had to keep my legs open. (sorry if that sounds wrong hahahah XD) I honestly wanted to pair this shirt with that new pair of jeans I bought from Uniqlo. However! -> BAD COMBINATION!!! especially in Thailand! LOL 

So I kept my outfit fresh and simple by wearing white shirt inside and folded my sleeves up! See? not too bad :)

OOTD#5: This was a Sunday look and I went to watch Thailand Open 2011 final. I wanted to let my face breathe out from all that harmful makeup (though I still put on blush :p) Besides that, I kept very casual by wearing a nice t-shirt I own lol Finally glasses can definitely change the look especially if you don't wear makeup. 

OOTD #5: as silly as I was, I still wanted to wear that plaid shirt with my new jeans LOL and believe me, I sweated like a PIG! >.< I was also called "Lesbian" or "Tomboy" on that day too... how nice eh? XD I honestly didn't think of that too hahaha 

I'm ending this post with this last picture I took last week. I got my PopSister during my midterms period. It's just irresistible to not buy it on time ! XD I also found out (surprisingly) that this is their last publication of PopSister :( I was so looking forward for more ! I'm not quite sure why they ceased so quickly but apparently, some models will continue to appear on Popteen magazine....sigh... I just started to fall in love with this magazine :( But anyway, I will definitely continue to support and get inspirations from Popteen. These models always will be my ultimate inspirations! <3 I wish them all the best in the future! :) 

Taking off now! Take care! 


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