Monday, October 17, 2011

M.A.C's vs Melliesh's lip glosses REVIEW

I'm going to review some lip glosses  I've been using these days. I paired them in terms of use to give dimension into my lips without the use of any lipsticks. This is inspired by most Japanese models for dolly looks. These two pairs have similar shade of colors to give you an idea of how you can achieve almost the same look with different brands. Note: Melliesh lip glosses cannot be found in Thailand. But if you're interested in Melliesh you can find them online, here some links:

For in-stores, I bought mine from Sasa stores (HK), these can be found at any Sasa stores. Sadly, Sasa website doesn't sell them online :(

Below, the first pair is M.A.C Cremsheen Glass in Fashion Whim (Limited Edition, SOLD OUT) and Majolica Majorca Honey Plum in PK384.

What I love about these lip glosses:
  • Love the scent on both lip glosses
  • Very easy to apply
  • Closest shades for nude look
  • Dolly-like
  • Doesn't dries your lips 
  • Affordable 
NOTE: for those who want to get M.A.C Cremesheen Glass in Fashion Whim, there is a very close shade that you can get as regular edition, the reference code is C-THRU. Feel free to ask at any M.A.C counters for more infos ;)

 Next pair is both from Melliesh. The reference code for each lip gloss is as followed: nude shade is #1 and the pink shade is #3. You can check out for a closer look from the official website:

 The difference of brushes as shown above is interesting. As we know, brands like M.A.C or any western brands I know of have this thin and user friendly brush to apply. On the other hand, Melliesh's brush is rounder and thicker. When applied, you get this soft feeling of the brush on your lip but on down side of it is that I feel it takes a little longer to apply the lip gloss compared to M.A.C's :/

What I love:

  • the nude shade is concealer-like > this is mostly what Asian girls love to have so if you're looking for one, definitely go for Japanese lip glosses! It really does transform your natural lip color to a very nudy color :) 
  • the pink color is great to give more dimension to your lips  
  • Affordable
  • Very nudy- and dolly-like
Here I took a close-up of each pair:

M.A.C gives you a more natural looking whereas Melliesh concentrates on more dolly-like look but what I love about it is that the nude color conceal your natural lip color very well. It gives you a different feeling when wearing this type of lip gloss. Trust me, it does! XD

So which one I love the most? MELLIESH! > after using them for a while, I keep falling in love with the lip glosses! XD The other combo will be my temporary ones since I can't get Melliesh products in Thailand>.<


Now down to some OOTD:

FYI: I've been having huge problems with my face lately. I took a week-off for my face to breathe fresh air. Yes, I felt very uncomfortable and odd (but not sad! XD) to go to classes with no makeup and big acne showed up in PUBLIC! T^T But don't worry, I think I found the remedy to calm down my face and get ready for cool weather :D thanks mommy <3

P.S: please do not get disgusting if you see red bumps on my face! please bare with me T^T

Thank you everyone for reading my blog! And I hope you enjoy reading them too ^^ 
Feel free to leave a comment or any suggestion for improvement! Happy to hear from them :)

Take care for now, please be safe from horrible floods! 

Much love,

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