Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fashion Transition: S/S 11 to A/W 11


This entry is going to help you to think about how to start your wardrobe with this coming Fall 2011. I have just put away all my Spring/Summer clothes and replaced them with winter-inspired clothes :) So here I put together the items I have in my closet at the moment ready for the new season. I have also added some mags scans taken from Eki-chan blog (credits: so you guys can get more inspirations :) Good luck!


All About Being A Handsome Man 

Blazers, blazers and blazers are just awesome. They are great tops to look smarter for any occasions. Below are the blazers and my plaid shirt I will be wearing for this season :) 

Great for graphic tees or little casual dresses for a girly look. 

Below is the mag scan from PopSister November issue where they show you 3 ways on how to style with one awesome neutral blazer. As you can see, this long length blazer can make a difference to the entire look. If you can't read (so do I but I'm good at interpreting :p), the first look on the far left is 70% manly but as you go to the right, a simple dress with an oversize blazer can make the look more girly. 

All About Graphic Tees

In this hot and humid weather, it's great to wear awesome graphic tees. This fall, it's also all about cool design and stripes or animal prints touches. I also added my favorite H&M white shirt because it's just great what a simple white shirt can do :) 

You can also notice that my wardrobe has changed from neon/floral style to monotone and smokey style. 


Living in Bangkok can be quite hard and too hot to wear jeans on daily basis. So it's a good idea to have cool patterned skirt and short denim :) As for my skinny jeans, I have my awesome pair of jeans in shocking red color to play around with this fall.

This is the end of my closet. That's almost what I will be using most of the time. I will make sure to play around with colors too to not look too boring XD

The next following photos are all the clothes I put away for this winter. It's sad to be honest but cannot wait to use them again next year! 

More  mags scan from PopSister November issue for you gals. Inspiration is the key to create and know your own style :) 
I don't think I have to go into details as it's just easy enough to see what each picture means :)

Finally to end, I got my Popteen November issue mag! So many pictures full with inspirations for this fall! I hope I can share with you in the future! :)

I hope this post will be useful for you. Let me know what you think by commenting in the comment section below. Until next time, shop shop shop! :D 


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