Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Look of the Day - Green Day!

I'm featuring some uni friends who wore GREEN today!

What I wore:
- White collar top with long sleeves: from Japan, Visalia, Shibuya 109
- Green bottom: Lyn Around
- White Flats: Central Chidlom Department Store
- Necklace: Forever XXI
- Bow Bag: from my Sister's ^^

Let's have some more GREEN day together this month!

I will try my best to snap more people who wear GREEN this month only and be featured here in my blog! :D

Also I added a nice picture I stole from my friend's Instagram! It's a great inspirational picture for this Spring 2012! Plus, Kate Spade most popular ad campaign slogan is perfect!


Lastly, end this post with a nice picture I took of the full moon tonight! Make a wish and i hope it will come true :)

Happy Green Day! ^^v

Rosie <3

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