Friday, February 24, 2012

New Hair Style!

Hi hi everyone!

Since i'm taking a break from midterm revision (bad student! XD), i just wanted to briefly blog!

I miss blogging! :D (awwww~:p)

Anyway let me start off with my OOTD of today!
I was pretty down all week. I was very stressed over upcoming exams.

So, to lift my spirit up, i had to wear something very bright and girly today XDD and it really did work! But the ultimate key to complete this look was to smile all day! :D

Another inspiration I had in mind all day is this beauty/fashion Youtube guru i've been very into this month.

Her name is Heart. Beautiful yet lively and yet very inspirational <3 :D

Please check out her YT channel here!! >

I love her quote, it inspires me everyday <3 THANK YOU!! <3

"Count your blessings, not your problems"

Okay! Down to my OOTD! Haha sorry i got carried away XDD

- Polka dots shoulder sleeves: bought at the Ratchayotin Major Night market
- White shorts: CPS
- Beige belt: from Japan
- White flats: bought at Central Chidlom Department Store

Oh, let me share my new hair cut I had last week! Omg i can't believe i forgot to post that!!

This was done at Prestige Hair @ Thonglor! I loveeee it! I knew that bangs would make me younger and more girly and totally suits me BEST! :D thank you to my friend, Ploy, for introducing her hairstylist to me! THANK YOU!!!! <333

Now i have to go back to read or i might just jump to bed :p

Good luck to those who have exams too!
Have a good weekend!


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  1. Love your hair! This is such a fun blog, Rosie. Good luck on those exams!