Thursday, September 22, 2011

Best OOTD September Week Three PART TWO!


This is PART TWO of this third week of this month :)

More and more inspirations for you guys in styling outfit, hair and makeup. I get most of my inspirations from Japanese fashion magazines, mainly from PopSister. 
Here is the official website of PopSister (in Japanese) to check it out what kind of magazine I read: or you can check out scanned pictures from my favorite lovely Eki chan:

Let me briefly introduce you guys PopSister as this magazine is my primary inspiration guide to my every day lifestyle. I constantly go back to old issues to get inspirations when I'm not sure what to wear on that day. 

The edition above was their first year anniversary since the launch of PopSister. It's a monthly gal-shibuya-kei orientated fashion magazine. PopSister is sorta the "older sister" of the youngest and long time Popteen magazine which Popteen's target market is mainly under 20s. PopSister mainly aims for early 20s and above. 
Models include exclusivelyTsubasa Masuwaka, Yui Kanno, Kana Hoshino, Wei Son, Tomoko Higushi, Jun Komori and Eri Aoki. These models also appear on Popteen too. 

I started off with Popteen for a couple of months before I knew PopSister through the ads in Popteen. The structure, layout and feeling of these two magazines are almost the same. One particular thing I like about PopSister is not just for the style that fits more for my age but the quality of the paper is thicker....less fragile XD 

Anyway I like PopSister because it has my favorite inspirational models: Tsubasa Masuwaka, Yui Kanno, Kana Hoshino and Wei Son. Sadly I wish Kumicky chan from Popteen could be on PopSister >.< she's just adorable XD 

So now you guys know why I dress up like this XD Alright, down to my Best OOTD!

OOTD #1: What I love about that day is my hair. With the thickness and straightness of my natural hair, it's very difficult to make a bun like this. The day before that, I curled my hair and so I took this chance to have a bun the next day. That's the only way I can play around with my hair when it's curled >.<

OOTD #2: This simple and soft outfit was worn on a nice sunny Sunday. I missed wearing simple top like this one. I love the color and so I tried to be creative by having this polka dot short skirt. As short as it was, I needed to wear legging in grey >.< Sundays, I like to keep my hair and makeup simple and neat. Soft and no brown eyeshadow gives a nice innocent look. As creative as I was on that day, I used my favorite rose necklace as my BELT ! XD Just to show little curve around my waist XD

OOTD #3: Ok, there is a reason why I placed Snow White on this picture LOL My initial inspirational thought was the FRENCH FLAG! LOL but when I went to class on that day, I was called by my classmate: SNOW WHITE = =""" So i guess that was a positive compliment? though I didn't think of that at the first place XD 

To end this entry for this week, I would like to give a little update of my double eyelid maker. It's almost a month now I've been wearing them and I really like having bigger double eyelids :p But recently I noticed a soft pink mark on each side of my eyelid. It does sorta hurt when I remove them but it doesn't cause a lot of problems. I guess it's just getting used to it? :/

Alright, I'm off! Hope these Best OOTD can be helpful to some of you! 

Take care,

Friday, September 16, 2011

Best OOTD September Week Three PART ONE!

Good evening!

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I thought i shall post the first half of the best OOTD of this third week of the month :) 

First off, I started with my favorite blouse of the month: dark blue vintage-inspired with cute collar. Then I matched this blouse with simple pair of black shorts. It's just too hot to go for denim jeans out here >.< Also I accessorized it with this new heart pendant from Stradivarius so it's less plain and simple hehe 

Top and Bottom: CPS (Chaps)
Necklace: Stradivarius

Next day I went more for something more comfortable and casual again. Because my white shirt and a high waist pant look too plain, I matched it with colorful scarf. I also tied up really high my hair half way for a clean look and so was my eye makeup :) 

White shirt: H&M 
High waist pant: Lyn Around
Scarf: Zara

Finally today I wanted to go back to my usual gyaru-inspired. I thought this was another simple outfit since i'm wearing this white plain t-shirt to match my favorite green polka dot :) A nice gold necklace can be perfect for the entire outfit. Also, i finally got to buy my curling iron with a nice discount!! So I get to curled my hair nicely like those models from PopSister XD I felt so happy and very girly :)) Plus I get to wear those very nice Dolly Wink top and lower lashes as well. So lovely to wear! ^^ 

Polka dots skirt: CPS 
Necklace & white-shirt: I didn't buy them, I got them from friends and family :) sorry I don't know where they bought them :(

A customer at the M.A.C counter complimented my lip color today. She really liked it so I showed her the lipstick and lipgloss I used for today. So I shall share with you gals too. 

Lipstick: Natural Collection (can be found at Boots) Moisture Shine in Pink Mallow
Lipgloss: M.A.C Cremesheen Glass in Fashion Whim (limited edition), an ALTERNATIVE is: Drive Thru (it's the closest color of the limited one)

I just want to end this post with these nice ALDO shoes!!! They are just gorgeouss!! But the heels are a bit annoying. It's a bit difficult to walk hhahahahaha but worth it!! Just a nice purchase today ^^b

I will post my second half of Best OOTD of this week by the end of the week or next week :)
I hope you enjoy it! 

By the way a friend asked my hair color reference. So I guess I'm going to share it with everyone else :) 

This is the box snapshot I took just before I dyed my hair. 

Reference: L'Oreal Clear Macaron no.72

This is the result after I dyed it. I'm thinking of dying it again so I get it more lighter. 
FYI: the more you dye of the same color the lighter it will get. HOWEVER, please dye after 6 month or your hair will get very dry and damaged :(

I would like to end this entry with another giveaway hosted by my favorite lovely Eki chan :) Her interests and mine are just almost similar. I love reading her blog and read her reviews on my favorite Japanese brand products :) So I shall share it because I care <3 
You can check out her blog here, if you're interested:

Alright everyone, until next time,


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Best OOTD September Week Two!

Hello again!

A double post once more!! Aaaah- you guys are  so lucky XD

Here are collages of my BEST OOTD including best hair & makeup of the week!


These two items were most recently purchased at CPS or Chaps. FYI: It's a Thai brand. I'm in LOVE with this long vintage in green with polka dots! and that blue blouse is just cute :))

Next day, I went for more casual and loose. Thank gosh I wore that because I walked outdoor all day longgg! >.<

Yesterday, I didn't like what I wore so I didn't photograph it. But I LOVED my hair and make up inspirations! Hair inspiration from PopSister magazine and eye makeup from Michelle Phan most famous double winged eyeliner :)

Below are examples of what I mean by double winged eyeliner by Michelle Phan. Thank you Michelle! :)
These snapshots are from her 4 eyeliners styles video tutorial on her channel. 

Lastly, today! For such an early visit to the dentist, I went back to my favorite high-waist floral skirt with cute ruffles on each side. Then incorporated with simple black tank top and my newest H&M white shirt :))
As for my hair and makeup, I went for simple and innocent but still cute and pretty. Because my hair were already curled up, I wanted to tie it up neatly as a ponytail. My eye makeup is usually heavy with brown colors, but today, I wanted this innocent and cute pink color :) 

Nail Art of the Month! I like to go back and browse old magazine to look for inspirations when I don't know how to start the day. This snapshot is from the Popteen May 2010 issue. And because my thumb nail broke, so I had to go to the nail salon right away and this is the outcome :)

Believe it or not, I spent 3 hours there without eating TT^TT

Alright, this is it! I hope you guys enjoyed reading! 

Take care until next time :)


Saturday, September 10, 2011

BEST OOTD September Week One!

As I have 3 days off a week, I take this chance to dress up as stylish, in trend, colorful and girly as possible :) When Monday comes back, I always miss my wardrobe full of pretty clothes waiting for me to use them when Friday comes :] 
Well, I have to say that I would already start looking through at my wardrobe since Thursday because my professor doesn't really mind us to wear casual to class XD 

My classmates always ask me why I dress up so nice to even come to uni. You want to know why? I had this quote in mind ( now i don't remember the exact words ) but basically, you should think that every time you step out of your house, you should dress up as pretty as you can to get ready for the unexpected! 
Trust me, if someday in your life, you're that lazy person, wearing that PJ pant with a huge cartoon face t-shirt to go to the nearby supermarket and this hot tall guy is there "single" LOL I think you would have wished that you would have dressed up better than that, right? XD 

Ok, on a serious scenario, running into your "future" boss?? XD -one of the most embarrassing moment- 

Here are OOTD on first week of this month: 

Below is when i was inspired by vintage colors and style. I also find an excuse to wear my favorite green polka dots skirt. I have to agree with Chriselle (Blog: that a white shirt is one of the essential items to have in your closet. Also, I love wearing rings here and there but notice that my most favorite ring style is roses :)

I like to go extreme, "out of my comfort zone" to express my true self in public. But there are times I feel that Thailand society judge you very quickly and wrongly. Once they see something very unusual, they will call you "weird" or "crazy" or "insane". They don't know that fashionista just love to dress up and be in trend. So what i'm saying here is that: there will be a few times, I would wear something "safe" and minimalist. 

My love for floral patterns never ends. I love when Spring and Summer come so I can wear floral patterns almost everyday. Yes, I can do that in Thailand all year round but it isn't fun if you don't follow the season elsewhere right? lol 
Also, I try to have a "No Makeup Day" at least once a week and most of the time that would be on Sundays. 

Lastly, I wore this cute floral green vintage-inspired dress on one of my class day. I have to say that the length of this dress is a bit "too" short but I still love it! The material of this dress is just soft and flowy :D To complete this look for a more girly look is those adorable creamy floral pair of socks <3

NOTICE: I wear a lot of GREEN lately :D

I also changed the nail color of my nails. I matched it according to those nail art :)
I didn't realize how long my nails were until I removed the nail polish /o/

Believe it or not, I played Thai boxing with these long nails TT^TT
Eventually, I broke my thumb one so I had to go to nail salon right away !!

I will be posting this week OOTD very shortly! Don't forget to stop by again for more inspiration :)