Friday, September 7, 2012

Advertorial: Blanc Eyelash Salon Visit!

Hello everyone! 

How is your Friday going?? Some of you must be ready to go party or chill with friends! Hope you guys have a fun night! :D 

This post is an ADVERTORIAL for my most recent visit at Blanc Eyelash Salon from Tokyo, Japan! 

I came across this brand new shop at Gateway, Ekkamai 2 days ago. I heard about this mall for many months now but I never had the chance to go see it in person until that day! :D 
I was very excited when I planned to meet my friend there. On my spare time after my friend left, I walked around to see what shops they have. 

When I saw Blanc Eyelash Salon on the first floor of Gateway Ekkamai, it just tempted me to go in. One of the staff was really nice to welcome me and we discussed about the eyelashes extensions procedures in details inside. Please note that, I have never done any eyelashes extensions before because I heard from other people and friends that it hurts a lot. Since I know that my eyes are very sensitive, I was very worried about their glue. I never dared to try until I was impressed by their services! How Japanese that was! I miss Japan now! XD 
At the end, on that day, I really wanted to try the extension so bad but I was running out of time >.< so I made an appointment with them without thinking XD 

Today, I finally went to my appointment. I was taken to one of their room. The lovely lady, who took care of me, and I discussed about which eyelashes style and thickness I can do. 

There are 3 main style of eyelashes extensions that I could choose:

  • Big eyes: long eyelashes are concentrated on the center of the eyelids where your pupils are, usually for those who wear big eyes contact lenses or those who want to make their eyes appear big
  • Sexy eyes: long eyelashes are concentrated on the end of your eyelids to make your eyes appear more long and seductive, dramatic look
  • Sweet eyes: this is a more of a natural look
There are also choices of thickness and darkness of the eyelashes you want as well as the length.
Please note that they count the price per one lash!  One lash is 26 baht!

Your eyelashes extensions can last between 60 - 90 days. 

From top left to bottom right:

  • 120 lashes (60 lashes per eye)
  • 140 lashes (70 lashes per eye)
  • 160 lashes (80 lashes per eye)
  • 180 lashes (90 lashes per eye)

The length of eyelashes ranges from 6 to 14mm. They usually recommend to Asian eyes between 11-12mm for natural look. If you go for dramatic look, that would be 13-14mm.

So here are the pictures taken during my process. 
The duration of my eyelashes extensions was about 2 hours! 
I decided to do both top and bottom lashes :)

Pictures Courtesy to lovely Blanc Staffs! Thank you! :D 

My Verdict? 

  • Very comfortable
  • Looks natural 
  • Not too long (mine are 12mm)
  • Can do effortless makeup (may no need of mascara or even curl my lashes!)

  • The glue did sting my eyes a little bit
  • Have to take real good care of them as lashes will eventually fall off 
  • Can't really get them wet often (hahahha, so I can't cry? XD joking!) 

At the end of the day, I decided to buy their Blanc Double Cleansing Gel (costing 1800 baht, to last at least 4-5 months). They highly suggest their customers to use a milk or gel type of makeup remover because these types do not affect their eyelash glue compared to oil makeup based remover. I couldn't bother myself to look for one at drugstore. 

As you can see below, they nicely packed my cleansing gel and eyelashes comb in this cute package! :D 

I asked for permission to take pictures of the interior shop too. Thank you!

Now down to the EXCITING PART of this post! :D 

Blanc Eyelash Salon has given me a promotional price to my friends and readers who are interested in trying their services as their OPENING PROMOTION! 

When you make an appointment in person or on the phone, you must provide MY Customer no. to receive a 
200 baht DISCOUNT! 

MY Customer No.: G0304
MY name (duh! lol): Roseline or Rosie, just in case they can't find the customer number :)

The location of Blanc Eyelash Salon is on the first floor of Gateway, Ekkamai.
Please visit them at the shop or call them for more details:
(Thai language) 02-108-2787
(Japanese language) 081-805-5053

Please do not forget to visit their official websites:

Also please LIKE their Facebook page and leave a comment on their wall "Rosie took me here!",

Lastly, I would like to thanks to Blanc Staffs for the lovely services and environment! It was a very pleasant experience and I look forward to visit your shop again on my next maintenance appointment! :D 

Instagram @rosiedolly
Twitter @rosiedolly314

Next post I will post more pictures of Gateway Ekkamai! Please look forward to that! 



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