Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dolly Wink Packaging Design Update!

A little Dolly Wink update for those Dolly Wink fans OR Tsubasa Masuwaka fans! 

Oh now, I miss seeing her on magazines! I should better buy the newest Popteen magazine soon! :) 

If you have checked out my previous posts, Dolly Wink products are now available in Thailand! 
You are able to find LOADS of them at Tsuhara shop in Gateway Ekkamai! I loveeeeee that store!! It's HEAVEN to me!! XD 

If it's inconvenient for you, I also found some Dolly Wink products at Mary Jane shop (I hope I remembered correctly) in Siam Square. It's near Hard Rock Hotel. 

Anyway now I don't have to worry about looking around online and off-line anymore! I just realized how cheap they are compared to over-the-counter brands

Let me compare them right now if you think otherwise, let's do the math here: 

M.A.C or Shu Uemura eyelashes cost about 600-700baht for ONE PAIR! 

Dolly Wink or any other Japanese eyelashes brand cost about 400+baht for TWO PAIRS!!

If you don't believe me then go ask over-the-counter staffs and prove me wrong by posting a photo on my Facebook page or Twitter (@rosiedolly), thank you :)  

Another PROS about Japanese eyelashes is that the band that holds eyelashes is much stronger and light-weight when applying on your lashes. This means that band won't bother your eyes at all as it is very flexible. Also, the band is thin and clear!  

A few days ago, I checked out Dolly Wink official website and I noticed that Tsubasa Masuwaka (the producer of Dolly Wink) has newly designed her packaging again! 

Allow me to show you the original (first) packaging

Notice from the picture below that as she has expanded her eyelashes line, she has already design a new packaging and up until today, these packaging remain the same. But......!

........Below are the new design:
She switched the original packaging to the new one that was already produced last year. 

These are the upper lashes, and there are 3 new upper lashes style

Below is a picture of the newest packaging and one of the newest eyelashes: 

As for lower lashes, she hasn't created new ones but the packaging have also switched to the new design. 

Not only her eyelashes line's packaging have been changed but she continued to make all of her Dolly Wink products' packaging to have a consistent packaging design look. 
If you scroll back up to my own photo taken from last year, her old liquid eyeliner's and pencil eyeliner's packaging used to be pink-black tone and polka dots all over it. But now, she has changed the entire product's design to a more sweet, cute and clean look. 


  • Dolly Wink Upper Lashes #2, #10 and #11
  • Dolly Wink Lower Lashes #8 and #14
If you would ask me, which eyelashes I've been enjoying would be combination of upper lashes #9 and lower lashes #5. 

Tsubasa Masuwaka has also another successful cosmetics line called Candy Doll. Briefly, Candy Doll focuses more on the face area, i.e liquid foundation, powder foundation, blushes and lip glosses. 

Below is a quick snap shot of her Candy Doll products from her official website: 

 From what I can observe, Tsubasa Masuwaka is a very inspirational and admiral Japanese young model and entrepreneur in the Fashion and Beauty industry. She has proven her abilities and potential in what she loves and she is able to give what all girls and ladies of all age group want to look pretty everyday. She works hard on looking for the right eyelashes style and other eye makeup products to make all girls and ladies look beautiful every day at any occasions. At the same time, her packaging design look continues to improve and attract the consumers. I really look forward to see better and attractive design look from Dolly Wink in the future! 

Over the past few years, Dolly Wink has shown a dramatic growth and popularity among the targeted audience in Japan. And just shortly, Dolly Wink has attracted more audience from around the world, especially in Asian countries. 

Dolly Wink and Candy Doll are just two Beauty brand that she has personally produced and both are very successful in Japan. Tsubasa Masuwaka has also her own Fashion brands from clothing to stockings. 

I believe that this is going to be the end of this post! Please go check out her official websites for more information and don't forget to go LIKE her Facebook pages too! 

Dolly Wink official website:
Candy Dolly official website:

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