Tuesday, September 25, 2012

OOTD inspired by my Mom's closet

I felt extra creative today! 
Since no one was home this morning, I took the chance to peek into my mom's big ass wardrobe. She's got plenty of clothes that can't all be fitted in her room's closet so we have a separate clothing hanger in the guest room just for her clothes XD 
My mom is a very inspirational woman of her generation. I believe that she is 50 years old now and she definitely got some cool style! To be honest, her style and shopping experience is definitely better than me, meaning, whatever she picks are always the best choices! My mom goes crazy on shopping spree whenever she finds time or on sale period! 

She loves looking young, cute, cool but still beautiful! 

Alright, to show you guys that these items I have selected for my OOTD are NOT mine at all....I can't wear or I never choose any other size except XS and S. 
Somehow her clothes fit me nicely :) 

Note that the white inner dress and the brown belt are actually mine and the pink platform shoes is shared between mom and I. 

Here are some pictures of my OOTD :) 

I also curled my hair, very inspired by Elle, a makeup and beauty guru on Youtube!

Short story: I never knew how to properly use my curling iron until I watched her Get Ready With Me video yesterday. It totally tempted me so bad to curl my hair again! The result? It wasn't too bad! I'm happy with my curls but I thought to tie my hair up to look neat :) 

As for my eye makeup, these are the products I used: 

  • Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Lotion
  • Shu Uemura's Pink Shimmery Eyeshadow
  • M.A.C's Brown (Cork) Eyeshadow
  • Dolly Wink's Waterproof Volume Mascara in Black
  • M.A.C's White Shimmery Eyeshadow
  • For my eyebrows: M.A.C's Brown (Cork) Eyeshadow

Full List of Brands I wore today: 

  • Floral dress from Jaspal
  • Denim shirt from CPS (CHAPS) 
  • White inner dress at some cheap market 
  • Bag from Louis Vuitton
  • Shoes from Guess
  • Belt from Japan 
  • Bracelets from Accessorizes
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