Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Fashion Picks 2012!

Before I jump to bed, I wanna share my latest OOTD as to inspire you for this Fall Fashion Trend 2012 :) 

So let's start off with my last OOTD for Summer 2012: 

  • White tank top from my sister's
  • Lace top from Bershka 
  • Caramel skirt bought by my sister
  • Nail polish from Skin Food 
Then as we step into the month of October, I see people on the Internet who started to switch their closets from Summer to Fall-toned clothing. And so I decided to dig into my small wardrobe and found some old clothes that suit best for this year's Fall trend :) 

Fall OOTD #1:

  • Black tank top from Topshop
  • Green military tank top from CPS (CHAPS)
  • Black top from CPS (CHAPS)
  • Grey jegging from Bershka 
  • Black shoes with studs from GUESS
Fall OOTD #2:
This time, I wanted to try wearing some brown-toned color for this Fall. It feels more girly and suits better for my own style and personality :) 
It seems that this year's Fall is shouting for LAYERING! :D 

  • Black tank top from Topshop
  • White tank top from Bershka 
  • My new Black pants with floral patterns from Zara (Big trend for Fall 2012: patterned leggings or pants!) 
  • Necklace from Forever XXI
  • Rose gold watch from Michael Kors
  • My very-first Prada Tote bag in CAMEO 
  • OPI Nail Polish in Dutch Tulips

Fall OOTD #3:
As you can see, I'm liking my brown-toned looks. I've been enjoying my new looks for this Fall! :D 

  • White top from Jaspal
  • Plaid-patterned pants from Uniqlo
  • Brown cardigan from Pull & Bear

Fall OOTD #4:

  • White tank top from Bershka
  • Grey cardigan from CPS (CHAPS)
  • Black pants with floral patterns from Zara
  • Animal-printed scarf from Zara
  • Black shoes with studs from Guess 
Fall OOTD #5:

  • Creamy shirt from CPS (CHAPS)
  • Pink pleated skirt bought from Shibuya 109, Japan
  • Brown cardigan from Pull & Bear
  • Rose gold watch from Michael Kors 

Fashion and Hair products Haul! 

I've been searching fashion and beauty items for this Fall trends :) 
Here what I've come up so far:

  1. White top from Uniqlo for 390BAHT ONLY!!! SALE period at Uniqlo now! :D 
  2. Brown cardigan from Pull & Bear for 790baht  > I got a size M because they ran out of size S. But I like the oversized feeling :) very very girly! hihihihiiii 
  3. Black pants with floral patterned from Zara for 2,990baht > It's super duper expensive because of the pattern T^T But I like it though! It's really for this Fall Fashion Trend 2012! And look at the detail of the button below!  

Another day of shopping, this time I went to Central Lardprao with my mom. We just wanted to explore the renovated Central Lardprao and also, a good change of environment and atmosphere from typical shopping centres in the heart of the city. 

So here are what I've got.....2 plaid patterned leggings from Uniqlo for 790baht each! It's definitely a must have for this Fall! CHEAP too! 

Oh! And I also added my TreSemmee Heat Protector Hair Spray that I bought earlier this month and I forgot to included in the first picture ^^" 

I have heard a lot of good feedbacks from beauty gurus online and since now TreSemmee is available in Thailand, I had to try it! My verdict? LOVE IT! So soft and smooth! :D 

Alright that's it for this OOTD and Fashion haul post! 

What do you think of my Fall Fashion picks and OOTD? 

I hope this will help you to start thinking about colors, patterns for this Fall Fashion Trend 2012! 
I will try my best to post more inspirations for you guys for this season! 

Look forward to it and see you until my next post! :D 

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Good night, 

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