Monday, August 22, 2011

Double Eyelid Maker Review

Last visit to HK in May, I finally decided to buy the Eye Talk for testing. In the past, I have tried the tape ones and they failed my expectations so.. I gave up on double eyelid makers until recently. Thinking of it now, I guess I had no idea how to properly apply them..... LOL! Do I know how to apply them correctly today? Let's see!

FIY: I already have double eyelids but they both are tapered eyelids and uneven.

This month I tried to type of double eyelid makers: Koji Eye Talk & Double eyelid tape. I won't be reviewing on Koji Eye Talk here because I already did in my other blog on facebook. But I will transfer the infos to here in the future. So those interested, please be patient ^^b

The main reason I switched from the glue one to the tape one is because of this.....

Instead of this....

I don't get a smooth result like this picture. Also, my eyelids are just thicker than this model and so the "fatness" keep coming forward. There is no change at all... :(

So I decided to try tapes again.

I got these from Loft and it must be from China or HK. These are the only one sold at Loft, Siam Discovery for Baht71.

One package have 100 pairs of tapes for both eye. There are 5 sheets altogether.

After a day of trials, I had this much left on one sheet. I used a lot for the left one because it's my 'lazy eye' and so harder to adjust with the other eye to look even. :/

I've worn tapes for two days now for about 9-12 hours straight. Here is what I get with makeup on.....

And finally, here is after I removed the tapes...


  • Easier to apply than Koji Eye Talk
  • Give a nice result I wanted
  • Good with makeup and without
  • Definitely make my eyes bigger
  • Good price!

  • Tapes are obvious
  • Makes your eyes look sleepier
  • No side effect so far :))


What I hope to achieve from using these is to get permanent double eyelids. I have thought a lot about surgery to make my eyes larger but I'm too scared for the results. Let's see after a month. I will keep you guys posted! ;) So far, I'm liking it!

I would strongly recommend tapes for those interested!

Until next time,
much love!



  1. The tapes are so much better sis.
    My cousin uses tapes as well,
    she used to have single eyelid.
    And she's been using tapes so often, everyday
    That now she has double eyelids!!! O___O

  2. hahaha yeah...hopefully i will get a change after a month :))

  3. i have been koji eye talk double eyelid maker using super amazing for me. maybe u are not doing it correctly