Monday, August 29, 2011

☆*August favorite products*☆ PART ONE!

I finally picked my favorite products of the month! I categorized them into skincare, makeup and hair care for you dollz :) But I think I will divide my posts into 2-3 parts as I give a lot of details XD sorry....!

These three products were mainly picked for this month because they showed great results in acne and oil control of my skin.

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Cleanser

I've been using this cleanser all summer. This product was recommended by my best friend and i'm very grateful for the advice but the price in HK is just too overrated.... I can get way cheaper in Thailand!!

What's good about this product?
  • It contains a great formula of Essential Soy and Vitamin C
  • It reaches deeps into skin pores to remove dirt, dead cells and oil without drying your skin
  • It brightens and improve your skin
  • Suit for all skin types including sensitive and acne prone types
My thoughts?

It does the job that what the description says above. There is a trick in this process that I've been doing all summer long, several additional steps I do before I use this product and there is an extra ingredient I mix it up with. But before I get into the trick, this cleanser has definitely brightened up my skin and improve the clarity of it. Also, it helped control and get rid of dirt into my pores so I have less pimples. I would definitely recommend to those who have similar skin types as me: extra-sensitive, acne prone, combination to oily skin type.

My Trick Skin Care Routine?

To be honest, even though I've been doing this routine all summer, my skin isn't perfect. I still have acne popping here and there but at least it's becoming controllable compared to months ago.

I basically use the best makeup remover by Shu Uemuera. I use the green one because it has this gentle feeling on my skin and removes my makeup really well. This is a preference but everybody has different skin type so you need to find out which color suit you best. I would massage it for about 60 seconds. Next, I wash the remover off with water and use my Dermalogica gel cleanser to make sure that my remover got rid off all my makeup. Then finally, I finish off with this Neutrogena cleanser and add a little bit of fresh eatable oatmeal in your palm. After 10 sec under water, the oatmeal is supposed to be wet and softer so you can gently massage it on your face and I end up doing a homemade yogurt mask every. single. night....and voila!

I know this is a lot to do on my poor face but after doing this for a few month now, I'm happy and satisfied. Up until today, my skin isn't dry anymore and less blemishes too.

These tricks are taken by this famous makeup and beauty guru on youtube, Bubzbeauty, if some of you don't know her. You should definitely check out her channel on youtube: and her website:
Thanks to her, I'm no more ashamed of my face!!! XD


8.5/ 10

The reason is because I'm a bit scared that this cleanser might still be too rough for my skin. So I think i have to find an alternative to switch around. But if i can't find then I will continue with this one until I find a new one.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Micro Serum

I've been using this product for a month or so and it's been a great serum compared to my other ones. This serum texture is white and a bit thicker than any serums I know of. But the great thing about this one is that it deeply hydrates my skin very well!
I would give this product: 8.5/10

Kiehl's Blue Herbal Moisturizer

I used this moisturizer the same time as the serum one. These two products are a great deep hydration and acne-prone combo. This product is great for those looking to prevent acne.

What's good about this product?

  • oil-free moisturizer
  • Absorb quickly and penetrates pores to eliminate most acne blemishes and allows skin to heal
  • an additional balancing effect allows the formula to mattify skin, reducing the appearance of pores and leaving skin with a matte, hydrated appearance and texture
  • non-comedogenic formulation helps prevent new acne blemishes from forming
My thoughts?

I LOVE IT! This is one of my favorite moisturizer ever !! Plus, it gives a fresh, minty feeling after application. It's just a nice feeling and rewarding after all the procedures I do every night XD It definitely does help control my acne from forming again but to be honest, I still have acne...just less than before :)) My face is also not dry anymore. It just looks healthier and brightened up! :D

This product will be rated 8.5/10!

These skin care products are just great and will be my BEST FRIEND for many years coming up :)

Now to end my post, I would like to share new stuff I just bought yesterday :) So vintage-inspired right?? XD Well I think I'm that kind of "gyaru" I'm sooooo in LOVE with that green polka dots skirt. And these two cute bows will be my friends. Great cutie accessories :)

Finally!!! I'm entering this giveaway by one of my favorite Japanese blogger, Eki chan! She's such a cute, adorable and sweet blog ever! And I just had to share with you guys because she does a lot of giveaways. Plus I heard from many makeup gurus that the Sigma brushes are one of the best makeup brushes !

Here is the link to eki chan's blog with the giveaway details:

This is finally the end of this entry! Phew!!!

I will continue my favorites tomorrow! XD


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