Sunday, September 11, 2011

Best OOTD September Week Two!

Hello again!

A double post once more!! Aaaah- you guys are  so lucky XD

Here are collages of my BEST OOTD including best hair & makeup of the week!


These two items were most recently purchased at CPS or Chaps. FYI: It's a Thai brand. I'm in LOVE with this long vintage in green with polka dots! and that blue blouse is just cute :))

Next day, I went for more casual and loose. Thank gosh I wore that because I walked outdoor all day longgg! >.<

Yesterday, I didn't like what I wore so I didn't photograph it. But I LOVED my hair and make up inspirations! Hair inspiration from PopSister magazine and eye makeup from Michelle Phan most famous double winged eyeliner :)

Below are examples of what I mean by double winged eyeliner by Michelle Phan. Thank you Michelle! :)
These snapshots are from her 4 eyeliners styles video tutorial on her channel. 

Lastly, today! For such an early visit to the dentist, I went back to my favorite high-waist floral skirt with cute ruffles on each side. Then incorporated with simple black tank top and my newest H&M white shirt :))
As for my hair and makeup, I went for simple and innocent but still cute and pretty. Because my hair were already curled up, I wanted to tie it up neatly as a ponytail. My eye makeup is usually heavy with brown colors, but today, I wanted this innocent and cute pink color :) 

Nail Art of the Month! I like to go back and browse old magazine to look for inspirations when I don't know how to start the day. This snapshot is from the Popteen May 2010 issue. And because my thumb nail broke, so I had to go to the nail salon right away and this is the outcome :)

Believe it or not, I spent 3 hours there without eating TT^TT

Alright, this is it! I hope you guys enjoyed reading! 

Take care until next time :)


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