Thursday, January 5, 2012

Japan Trip Part One~!

During Christmas period, I went to Japan for the first time. Japan, this beautiful land filled with surprises, has been my dream to visit for ten years. And this big dream has finally come true. Thank you, mom and dad <3

I went with a high school friend for about 8 days. The whole plan process of this trip has really paid off. I'm proud of myself and my friend for having the courage to go to a foreign land where we could barely speak and understand the people. It was definitely adventurous, fun, exciting and interesting in its own way :)

Let's have pictures speak on their own and I will just have a short caption below each picture so you guys know what's going on.

P.S. this is only few pics I picked out of 930+pics!!!!!

Enjoy! :D

Above: Maid Cafe called Maidreamin at Akihabara! Cute and delicious food! The waitresses were all adorable and fun! XDD

Above: FOOD I had while I was there!

Above: cute and trendy underground shops in Tokyo...I think that was at Shinjuku station :)

2 pictures above: Asakusa Temple Sightseeing day! We also ran into a married couple too! That was beautiful! <3

Above: Imperial Palace at Tokyo station! Too bad it was closed :( public holiday >.< Also saw this long drawing underground!

Above: my all-time favorite street > SHIBUYA!!!! :D

Above: I have to admit that I don't remember the name of this place. Sorry >.< But it was really nice! Probably it was in Osaka >.<

This is just one part of my trip! I don't want to overload you guys with loads of pictures yet! So I will post more later this week! Stay tuned and have a good weekend of rest and fun before school starts (for some of you XD)

Take care!


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