Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Benefit Powder Lip Glosses

Hi beautiful gals! 

I just wanted to share this little info I just found out today from another Beauty website, BellaSugar. Since the day I bought my very first Benefit product two weeks ago, the Porefessional, I already fell in love with the brand! 
My next purchase, if it ever happens, will definitely be the BLUSHES!! 
There is something about these Benefit blushes that makes me want to try them on but never dare to literally BUY one XD 
  1. The high rating given from many Youtube makep gurus
  2. The square-shaped box that provides a cute little brush and a mirror 
  3. The color selections! 
Before my hands get on these blushes on time, Benefit Cosmetics has already planned something even more tastier than ever! When I mean "tasty" means lip glosses! Not just any lip glosses random names selection but these new products are going to be based on/inspired by their most popular and best sellers.... wait for it.....BLUSHES! XD 

Let me show you some pictures I took from BellaSugar on how awesome and most wanting lip glosses are! 

Please go to the link below to get better pictures and info because, obviously, these are not mine.....

Check out the picture below if any of you is in the USA this weekend! You get first hand Benefit Powder lip glosses before the launching day! 
If you're the lucky one, please share/ post a picture with the lip glosses either here on my blog or on Facebook page! I'd love to see it :] 

Please check out this blogger (Link), she seems to have gotten all the lip glosses in advance! Awesome pictures of swatches of each powder-inspired! 

So, don't forget to share/post pictures with these new goodies with us! :D 

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Have a good evening and see you gals on my next post! 

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