Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birthday Celeb Week - Safari World & Brunch at Tables

Another post to share with you all!

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So my first few days of birthday celebration were more spent with family and relatives :)
I finally get to eat BEST FRENCH FOOD @ Tables, Hyatt Erawan Hotel, 2nd floor!
Since we went on a Sunday, the price per person may be higher than on weekdays but i got to eat DELICIOUS LOBSTER BAKED WITH CHEESE!! Ohhh yummy~!!! Everything was perfect and meaningful to me, thank you mom and dad! :) <3

The next day, i got to spend time with my high school friends at Safari World! To be honest, i was very disappointed with the place :/ The entry fee of 2 parks was 430baht!!! I would strongly recommend you all to buy the drive tour fee which was 330baht!
Why? My friends and I felt sorry for the animals!! They were so sad in their cages!! T^T and MOST of animals are gone due to the floods!
The best experience i had though was feeding the giraffes and looking at the beautiful view we had after the feeding. I felt like I flew to Africa! The view was just gorgeously beautiful and that's why I said it's worth to buy the drive tour! But if you don't own a car, there a 30baht tour by a bus service too :)

Alrighty, i'm going to end this entry with the photos i took there :) And i shall go write a new posts of some OOTD for the past week, enjoy!


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