Sunday, May 27, 2012

Aren't they cute? PET Expo 2012 !


This month has been a very busy month. Since I just finished my bachelor degree, I have been busy job hunting around Bangkok so I can stay here a little longer :p 
And...I got an internship at Olgivy & Mather Thailand in the Advertising and Marketing Dept! ^^
Besides that, I also applied myself to attend this short course of Basic Fashion Design at Accademia Italiana here in Bangkok too. Next 2 months are going to be a heck of busy months! But i will try my best to update you guys as much as i can too! 

As for now, I came to share a cute day I had last Friday. I visited the PET Expo 2012 in Bangkok at Queen Sirikit Exhibition Centre with some friends. The cost of entrance was just 20 bath for the whole weekend! 
There were so many cute dogs and other kind of animals!! I would always run away from the big ones T^T I fell in love with a Chi Tzu dog, sadly, I didn't cash enough money to buy it XD 

Don't they look adorable???? XDD 

What I wore to PET Expo:

  • Tank top in white from Giordano 
  • Sleeveless denim jacket from CPS (or CHAPS, Thai brand) 
  • Jegging in dark blue from Uniqlo
  • Animal print flats from Guess 
  • Bracelets from ForeverXXI
  • Watch from Michael Kors 
  • Handbag from Louis Vuitton 

A few weeks back, early this month, Russell Peters, a Canadian stand-up comedian, visited Bangkok to perform. My friends asked me, last month, whether I wanted to join them. 
What the heck right ? 
The show was just right after my final exams so I just wanted to celebrate it with 2 hours of good laugh :] And it was totally WORTH it! 
On that night, on my way to the show, it's funny when everybody who took the trains were just going to the same place at the same time. The MRT was just busy as I never saw before. It was just exciting :]  
To be honest, I had no idea who Russell Peters was, except knowing that he is a stand-up comedian, and I had no idea what would the show be about. 

On my Instagram (@rosiedolly), I shared my OOTN (Outfit Of The Night):

  • Dress from Topshop
  • Yellow jacket from Hong Kong 
  • Bracelets from Accessorize 
  • Watch from Michael Kors 
  • Nail color from Skin Food 

This month, I have splurge myself quite a lot to celebrate the end of my college life and be able to graduate this year! And this is just the start of my new life. 
It's been all about Summer, Summer and Summer! So I had to get myself with some new stuff to suit with the season :] 
It's been raining around here in Bangkok, but most of the time, it's hot, humid but sunny! 

First off, I have heard a lot of good stuff about Benefit's The Porefessional. I was just tempted enough to buy one myself. I only used once so far. I will let you guys know my thoughts later.
Next would be the Clarins White Plus Cleanser. I wanted to try out a new cleanser to help brighten up my complexion and less visibility of my post-acne scars. Everytime I use it, I feel clean!
Some new bangles I got from ForeverXXI yesterday! I thought there were cool and cheap, so I bought them all! FYI: price is 290baht each!
Lastly, I got a new T-shirt in green (again) which I loveeeee, a new denim jacket and denim short with lace on the sides from Stradivarius :]

I loveeee Stradivarius clothes! They are just affordable and in-trend for everyone (yes, my mom even bought a couple pants and tops there!) :p New collections arrived at CentralWorld this week suitable for this summer. So don't forget to check it out soon while stocks last!

So tell me what you've been splurging yourself on this month? I'd love to hear from you too!

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